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Tennis Bracelets:

A sporty history:

Bracelet is a beautiful round piece of ornament wore around the wrist. It can be minimal or gaudy depending upon the choice of the wearer.

There are many types of bracelets available, and Tennis Bracelet is among the popular ones. Its beauty is as unique as its name. The term “Tennis Bracelet” was coined due to an event that occurred during a Tennis match in the USA. A professional tennis player named Chris Evert was playing and lost her designer diamond bracelet in the middle of the game. She then requested officials to stop the game till she finds it back! And thus, from that very day of the year 1987, this piece of jewelry is known as Tennis Bracelet!

From that day, the bracelet is named after that memorable moment and is gaining popularity in the jewelry industry. Before getting the name Tennis bracelet, it was known as Eternity bracelet among people.

Perfect fit matters:

Perfect size and fit enhance the look of any ornament and attire, and so is the case with our Tennis Bracelet.

A Tennis bracelet is for anyone who wants to keep wrist ornaments light and weightless than heavy bangles. It blends with your attire, be it traditional, casual, or a total formal. It adds bling to your hand while keeping it classic.

A Tennis bracelet should not be too tight for the wrist as it will make you uncomfortable nor also lose, well we cannot afford to have another Chris Evert moment! For proper fitting, a clasp or two are attached to it. It can be little over the budget but worth its safety and look.

One, two, three, or four:

Numbers are infinite. But for us 1.. 2.. 3.. or 4.. matters the most. Why? Well, because you can add up to four rows in your Tennis bracelet!! Yes.. that is true. Want it simple and elegant have a diamond-studded one-row bracelet. Want some bling on your wrist? Have two to three rows, and your shine will grow. And if you want to make a statement with your bracelet design, you know that the answer is four.

So, choose a perfect fit and a style that defines you that you want and you are good to go.