Solitaire Pendant

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Solitaire Pendant:

Pendant seems to be a jewelry millennial would love, simple yet blingy. Lightweight with cool vibes. But it has been loved by women since ages. Word “Pendant” is derived from the Latin word “Pendere,” which means “Hanging Loosely.” Thus, the Pendant is a piece of jewelry hanging from the neckpiece. Neckpiece can be long, short, or medium as per the choice of the wearer.

From years, wearing a neckpiece signifies different things for different people. For some, it is a display of power and wealth, for some making fashion statement, while some stones used in pendants are for luck and blessings.

There is something extraordinary about Solitaire. Be it rings or pendants. It always shines as bright as you. This means there is only one stone set in the entire piece of jewelry and because of its design and elegance it adds, one is very enough to Wear it with traditional Kurti or your little black dress for the party, you cannot go unnoticed!