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What is Single line Bangles ?

Bangles are round-shaped jewelry worn by women around the wrist. Bangles are hassle-free with no clasp. It is said that bangles are the most ancient jewelry and is worn by women since centuries.

Single line bangles , as the name suggest has only one line, be it full of diamonds or gemstones or like a simple band with or without design.

Single Line Real Diamond Bangle Designs :

In a diamond bangle, diamonds are arranged one after the other till an eternal circle kind of pattern is formed and is also called Eternity bangle. Golden Single Line Bangles are loved more than ever today because of their minimal design and versatility. A sturdy structure with an attractive design mixes with the elegance and grace of the wearer. When stacked together and paired with a traditional outfit, gold classic bangles are a huge hit.

Bangles, unlike bracelets, aren’t adjustable, so you have to be careful while selecting the size. It should be neither too loose nor too tight. Single line Bangles give more of traditional vibes and is worn especially with saree and Kurti like attire during various occasions and a festival or religious ceremonies. Single line bangles are for women who want to balance their style between the modern and traditional fashion.