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    The heart is a human love symbol, the best way to say "I Love You", so it's obvious that heart-shaped diamond rings are the best options for lovers. So check out our handmade beze...
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Rings are a circular band of metal used as jewelry for the fingers. Both men and women wear rings. The tradition of wearing rings is as old as the human race itself. The relics of rings which were found during the excavations validate the above statement. Though they were made from the material that was found in nature, they were beautiful in their sense. In those times, rings were worn for their functionality.

Today, precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver have replaced natural materials. Diamonds and gemstones are used for glamorous and effervescent appeal. Engagement ring, Wedding ring, trilogy ring, three stone ring, cocktail ring, cluster ring, gemstone ring, band ring, heart ring, art deco, etc. are a few categories to select from.

Solitaire Ring:

A dream come true for any women would surely be a Natural Solitaire ring! And why not, solitaire is the epitome of class, style, grace, femininity, and power. Even the simpler of the simplest solitaire ring would turn out to be the eye-catching possession. Since ages, Solitaire Diamond Rings have remained the most cherished jewel of the royals, aristocrats and the celebrities.

The mesmerizing brilliance and sparkle of the solitaire have gained popularity even in the life of a common man. Today even a common man would love to own a solitaire ring for his beloved. Solitaires are made in various fancy-shaped, and new cuts have been designed so as to suit everyone’s wallet.

Solitaire rings are the most versatile and can complement any occasion and any garment.

Three Stone Ring:

Three stone rings are the best option if you are in search of something unusual for an engagement ring. The trilogy is another name for three stone rings.

This ring bears a beautiful and intense meaning to the relationship between the two individuals. To some couple, it may mean “past, present and future.” It can also depict “you, me and our kid” or “friendship, love and fidelity.”

And for the ones who are really creative, they have much to play around with the three-stone rings. Here you can have a diamond in the center and colored gemstone on both sides of the diamond, or all three diamonds wherein the middle one can be a little bigger, all diamonds can be of the same size where the middle diamond can be set as halo ring. You can choose baguette, tapered, princess-cut, or emerald-cut as side stones. One can also play around with the shape, setting, and size of the three stones to create that unique jewel for you.

Engagement Ring:

An engagement ring is presented as a gift by the bridegroom to his would-be a bride. It is presented as a marriage proposal, and a formal betoken to future marriage. The engagement ring adorns the third finger on the left hand and after marriage; both the engagement ring and the wedding are worn together. They are preferred to be made of gold or platinum as both these metals are durable. Engagement rings with Diamond solitaire are the best to lure a women’s heart. The forever quality of the diamond is symbolic to the everlasting and forever relationship. In some cultures, even men wear engagement ring made in gold and diamond. 

It is definitely a priced possession for any women, and above all, it is a symbol of love and pride in one’s relationship.

There are various styles of settings, with various classy as well as fancy shaped diamonds to narrow down to a perfect one for your style. Three stoned, heart-shaped solitaire, solitaire with accents, and halo, etc. are a few to name.

Wedding Ring:

“Wedding,”! One of the happiest days of life. Well, we want all things to be perfect for this big day. And wedding rings is the first thing that comes to the mind when one starts to plan for the marriage. The tradition of exchanging wedding rings is believed to have existed even before 6000 years ago. Weddings bands in those times were made of hemp or reed, which has evolved with time, and today more durable metals are used in making wedding bands. Diamond studded Eternity bands is an expression of the

Eternal bonding and love of the spouses. The wedding band and the engagement ring are worn together after marriage. The diamond eternity band, when worn with the solitaire ring, excludes a very well-coordinated look. Matching couple rings are really in vogue since a few decades. It is beautiful to see two different individuals wearing something of similar design.


Band styled rings are the most basic and simple ornament. They are worn by both men and women. Being comfortable and fuss-free can be worn every day. Bands are the favorite choice of couples as their wedding rings.

With ever-changing fashion trends, bands are no more the same old metal belts. The varieties include yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, two-toned, diamond-studded, bands with solitaire, and many more. Bands with single gemstone are very much in trend. Engraving the name of the spouse may not be the choice of many, but a few new generation celebs do endorse them.

Couple bands made of gold and diamonds are perfect enough for that chic and ultra-modern look.

Vintage/ Art Deco Ring:

The art deco derived its name from the term Art Decorates. In Europe and America, art deco was a 

Popular art and design style during the 1920s. The art deco rings would feature bold geometric shapes with bright, eye-catching colored gemstones. It was an innovation that combined modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials.

The combination and the contrast of the precious diamonds with colored stones create a visual drama. Also, one can play with the sizes of the diamonds and combine pointers with smaller accents. Art deco style of jewelry is gaining adoration and approval from the fashion world.

Cluster Ring:

Cluster ring as the name suggests is designed grouping the diamonds closely together to give an enhanced look to the small diamonds. A cluster ring may have a prominent diamond in the center captivated within a circular halo of smaller diamonds, or it can have all the diamonds of similar size. Cluster ring has always occupied a place in the royal jewel boxes as they are being created since the times the jewelry craftsmen started using precious stones with other metals.

Off late, cluster rings are gaining popularity as an engagement ring too, and they are surely the most budget-friendly option for an engagement ring. It is a jewel for the couple who wants something cherish able, classy, and more value for money.

Girls, be happy if you get one from your man as they are being endorsed even by the royals. Did you know that William gave his mother’s cluster ring to Kate for their engagement!

Cocktail Ring:

Cocktail, when this word falls on your ears, your thoughts take you to a world of fantasy that is lively, colorful, and magnificently beautiful. All the glamour and paparazzi seem to be wrapped in a jewel that is known as a cocktail ring.

Cocktail rings are typically oversized, bold and eye-catching. In the early twentieth century, cocktail rings were the fashion statement of the wealthy ladies of America. These ladies used to dress up in glamorous outfits and fancy effervescent accessories to enjoy the alcohol parties.

Cocktail rings are a little uncomfortable to wear as they are big and ornate. But ladies the catch is, one who is wearing it deemed to be highly influential and dynamic. So go, get ready to get a few of them for the party girl in you, choose from the modern designs where the designing is elaborate with small gemstones and small diamonds.

Heart Ring:

A heart ring would have two variants. It could be a ring with a heart-shaped natural solitaire diamond, or it could be a ring with a heart shape studded with small diamonds or gemstones. Either of them would be perfect enough to express your love.

They are best suited as an engagement ring, valentine gift, or anniversary gift. Though the heart shape solitaire is unique, heart rings may not be preferred by the women who have a classy or traditional taste. The paparazzi went gaga over Lady Gaga’s heart-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Gemstone Ring:

Gemstones have a charm of its own, and if studded in the ring they can fascinate even the not so fashion conscious soul.” Gemstones” the charismatic wonders of nature, were, are and shall in all times lure the connoisseur of beauty.

Gemstones rings are believed to possess healing properties. Interestingly, different gemstones are dedicated to each month so that one can wear a gemstone as per their birth. Still no hard and fast rules, you can choose your gemstone ring just out of love for it and satisfy your aesthetic sense.

And not to forget, Prince Charles proposed to the late Princess Diana with a gemstone and diamond ring.

Stackable Ring:

The stackable ring is a set of three or more rings worn one above the other or piled up together. These are very interesting as there are no set rules to wear them. More like a mix and match fashion, as one can arrange or re-arrange them to suit one mood. It could be a mix of metal color like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, gemstone bands, plain bands, textured bands, or diamond bands with different setting styles; one can also add a single solitaire ring to the stack.

How about gifting one thin band to yourself each time you accomplish a task! This way you can have a bunch to adorn your finger.

Casual RIng:

Casual rings are the cuties that can be your all-time pals. Yes, you can wear them any time of the day and for almost any occasion and with any dress. Wear them as an everyday sparkle on your finger.

Casual rings can be made in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum studded with beautiful diamonds or small gemstones. Choose your casual ring from the everlasting collection like alphabets, floral, heart, contemporary, bands, cluster, star, charms.  

Whether you are planning a gift for your mom, sister, or your best buddies, casual rings are the ultimate pick.

Thumb Ring:

Thumb rings as the name depicts are designed to be worn on the thumb. The history of the thumb ring dates back to the ancient time of bows and arrows. Back then, it was not a piece of ornament. It was a tool designed to protect the thumb during archery. Thumb rings in those days were made of bone, stone, leather, animal tooth, wood or metal.

Thumb rings that were once protection tools have come a long way and have now evolved to be the trendiest fashion accessory. Generally, they are plain or simple diamond-studded bands. There is nothing much to boast about it, but they emit a pretty cool and fresh attitude of the wearer. One can find the new age celebrities flaunting their thumb rings quite often.

Men’s Ring:

The history of men’s ring probably dates back to the Stone Age. Men wore rings with a purpose and not just as an accessory or ornament. It served as armor for the fingers, when they used bow and arrow. Some were designed as a tool for protection against wild animals.

During the medieval era, men’s ring was used as a seal on contracts and documents. In the present era, men are fashion conscious and want to adopt a style of their own. They prefer to have a wedding ring either in gold or platinum with a few diamonds. Most men would go for simple everyday wear bands but a few loves to flaunt big and elaborate designs too.