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Pendants & Necklace: Buy Pendants & Necklace Online

A pendant is an accessory that beautifies and adorns the neck. It is in the form of a bead, charm, or a pattern that is attached or hung to a chain or a necklace. Men, as well as women, appreciate pendants.

Male pendants are made with patterns that are masculine and are mostly geometrical. Female pendants would have more intricate, floral, and lucid patterns.

Gemstones pendants exhibit royal appeal, whereas heart pendants are a symbol of love. Floral pendants express a fresh and young attitude, whereas religious pendants show one’s love and faith in religion. If Animal pendant has a fun quotient, the solitaire pendant has an affluent feel.

Solitaire Pendants:

The pendants designed using solitaire are categorized as solitaire pendants. They are made in simple designs as the main focus in such pendants is the solitaire itself. Sometimes the solitaires are captivated in the halo of accent for a fuller look. Though delicate and dainty, they radiate style and attitude.

Wear them with your white shirt for the perfect workwear look or pair them up with your little black dress for a beautiful evening. Whether the solitaire is a brilliant round shape, heart-shape, cushion, pear, oval, trillion, or emerald, one will never go wrong buying them as they are the first love for any woman.

Animal Pendants:

Nature, in all its forms, has inspired and enthralled the human soul. Animal pendants are the outcome of such fascination. These are loved by both men and women and are a treat for all the animal lovers. Miniatures of Cat, horse, lion, cheetah, dog, elephant, or giraffe can be the pendant of your choice. Kid’s jewelry collection is also designed with animal themes.

When they are studded with diamonds, they exhibit youthful and casual appeal that can cast a spell on all the ages. These cuties are the best gift for a girl or a boy.

Geometric Pendants:

When the geometric shapes dominate the design of a jewel, they belong to the geometric category. Even the most ancient jewelry was based on such geometric shapes. Designers have beautifully used the geometrical shapes to create square pendants, triangle pendants, rectangle pendant, hexagon pendant, and pearl pendant.

The permutations of the same shapes or various shapes with the placement of diamonds and play of gold colors together bring out the best pieces of geometric jewelry. Though they have always been the favorite pick as men jewelry, One will find them becoming favorite with girls too.

Gemstone Pendants:

The vivid colors present in nature can evoke and influence the human senses with positivity. And what better way than to incorporate these colors in something as precious as jewelry. Yes! Gemstone pendants made with vivacious colored stones can liven up any occasion and any dress.

Whether made with a striking contrast of two or three colored stones or made with subdued monotones of rubies, emeralds, sapphires or topaz they cast their spell equally. Combine them with diamonds for that royal and regal appeal.

Some wear gemstone pendants as they are believed to possess healing properties. Gemstone pendants are also known as birthstone pendants.

Heart Pendants:

Heart pendants are designed with the theme based on heart. They can have two variations, one where the pendant is of heart shape or the other one where the heart-shaped diamonds are used. Either of them is sure to bespeak the love and bonding of two souls.

They could be two hearts entangled into one another or just a single heart in two-tone depicting amalgamation of two hearts as one; it could be a heart-shaped diamond captivated in a heart-shaped gold outline saying you are safe in my heart. Just a little imagination and a thought could help you create the story of your love.

Religious Pendants:

The names suggest that religious pendants are associated with religion. Here the religious motifs and symbols are used as a design for the pendant. They are worn to show one’s love for and one’s faith in religion.

 It is a belief that Religious pendants protect the wearer from evil. Cross- pendants, Jesus Christ pendants, Celtic pendants are the most famous religious pendants. They are made with precious diamonds and precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or topaz. This gives them a stylish look, which is timeless and also enhances their value. One can search them as Christian pendants, Buddhism pendants, Jewish pendants, Hindu pendants also.

Buy Necklaces for Women:

The necklace is an ornament that adorns the neck. They are curated with chains, bead strings, or links. The length of the women necklace varies from 18 inches to 42 inches. The selection of the correct length helps to accentuate positive features and hide the flaws of the body.

They can be in a single layer or many layers. Similar to other jewelry they are curated in precious metal like gold, platinum or silver. The more opulent styles would have diamonds and gemstones.

Choker necklace, the princess necklace, and matinee necklace are the most common necklace styles based on their lengths.

Men’snecklace is mostly made of chains and links, which may vary in length and thickness.

String Necklace:

The delicacy and daintiness of a string that is incorporated in a string necklace Is the impressive feature of such necklace. String necklace would have a gold chain that has a bead, motif, or any pattern made of metal attached to them. The thickness and the length of the string solely depend on the choice of the wearer, but the ones that encircle the neck and sit on the collar bone are the most common.

Box chain, marine chain, rope chain, or herringbone chain can be attached to a diamond-studded pattern or motif. They are well accepted as workwear and casual wear. Layer together two or more of them, and you are ready to rock the party.