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Earrings: Buy Earrings Online at Best Prices

The ornamental patterns curated in gold, silver or platinum to adorn the ears are called earrings. It is passed through the piercing of the earlobe or ear from the front and fastened with a screwed at the back of the ear. In primitive and medieval times earrings were worn by both males and females, but in present times it adorned mostly by women.

Umpteen number of styles and ranges of earrings are available to perfect one’s style and budget. Solitaire earring, hoop earring, Huggies, stud earring, dangler earring are a few to name. Few selected pieces in various styles are a must to befit every occasion.

Solitaire Earrings:

Solitaire diamond is the spotlight of solitaire earrings. It has a minimalist design with maximum focus on the setting style of the rock that defines the beauty of the jewel.

It befits almost all the facial shapes and enhances the beauty of women of all age groups. It is one of the most versatile styles that can be paired up with any outfit or any occasion. It can be your workwear earrings, lunch earrings, dinner earrings, simply an all-time companion. Though a bit expensive, they are a must-have.

If not in a mood to spend more, opt for a pie-cut solitaire. They are designed using two or more diamonds in such a way to give an illusion of a single diamond.

Hoops Earrings:

Hoop earrings are a circular band of metal or any other material. They are passed through the piercing of the ear. They do not sit on the earlobe but hang around through the piercing. Hoop style of earrings has been used as an accessory since the primordial times.

Though they date back in history, they are the first choice with the women of all ages of today’s time. With ever-changing trends, the hoops have transformed from small to medium and large to ultra-large sizes. Even the shapes like rectangle, semi-circle, triangle, oval, star are trending.

Diamond Hoops, With the lowest effort, can turn you into a rocking diva.

Stud Earrings:

An ear stud is an accessory for the ear which is generally small and dainty. In ancient times both men and women used to wear studs. Even today, men wear studs as a tradition. They are passed through the piercing of the ear from the front and fastened with a screw at the back of the ear. They are designed in such a way that they sit on the earlobe as if they are stuck on them.  

Diamond studs, whether solitaire, halo, floral, circular, square-shaped, heart made in karat are perfect for young girls and women of all ages.

One can play around its various shapes to enhance and complement almost every face structure.

Drop Earrings:

Drop earrings have an embellishment or charm that hangs from the jewelry. The hanging can be attached to a stud or inverted u- shaped wire that passes through the ear piercing. They are small in size with the charms dropping slightly below the earlobe.

They are simple and exhibit a classy and girly approach. Generally, the charm or the hanging is the focal point of the jewel, and thus they are made in pretty interesting shapes and themes. Miniatures in shapes of stars, flowers, birds, animals, or simple shapes studded with diamonds all work well for the drop earrings.

The use of diamonds and gemstones as drops is always in fashion.

Dangler Earrings:

The name itself suggests, it is an ornament that dangles and oscillates just below the earlobe. It is a Shanti Jewel perfect jewel to add a touch of fun and femininity. They are the best statement pieces to flaunt at parties and dinners.

Diamond danglers create soft sparkle and bling, enough to catch someone’s eye. Danglers are available in dainty to explicitly elaborate designs.

They are made in medium to long length. Perfect your style quotient with either of them and be the star of the night.

Huggies Earrings:

Huggies in a way are the variant of hoops that encircle closely around the earlobes. These are thicker than the hoops and end with a curve just below the lobes. Hoops that are medium to large size sway with the movement of the face whereas Huggies stay fixed to the ears.

You can carry them throughout the day and also for the dinners. Shantijewel offers a varied collection of Huggies designed in casual, workwear, and evening wear themes. White gold, yellow gold, or rose gold all look equally pretty.

One need not worry about the face shape, as Huggies can beautify any facial shape.