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Designed with the utmost care and intricate patterns and looking delicate and lightweight, people bracelets are not so manly.

However, if you check history, you will see that great warriors and great emperors from various cultures wore armbands of different kinds on their wrists. 

Of course, material and metals used may vary today and so does its significance, but it is an undeniable fact that men have worn bracelets and other wristbands for centuries 

Ages ago, man used to adorn his wrists with bones and shells to get protection from evil spirits. Leather and bronze were used too. Some men wore bracelets to showcase their wealth, social status, and wealth.

Today men wear bracelets made from Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Some even like bracelets studded with precious stones like diamonds and ruby and what not. Chain bracelets and Cuffs are quite popular among men.

Bracelets have evolved from good luck charm and safety symbol to the contemporary style statement for men.