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Exclusive Real Diamond Bangles :

Exclusive love for Exclusive bangles:

Bangles is the heart and soul in the world of Jewelries. It is part and parcel of life for South Asian women, something they wear for traditional occasions. Be it from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Nepal, women love this amazing wrist wear.

It is called by a variety of names in different regions and language, but its popularity remains unchanged. The bangle is referred to as “Bangadi” in Gujarati and “Kangan” in Hindi while in Punjabi it is “Kada” and “Valakal” in Malayalam. People in North India calls it “Chudda” as well.

In India there is a tradition related to Bangles. Before the wedding, Groom’s mother passes on the heritage Bangles to her Daughter-in-law, which was gifted to her on the same occasion years ago from her mother-in-law. It is a way of accepting and welcoming the new bride in the family.

Women's Bangles - Traditional Taste :

Bangles are known for their classic and intricate designs. As it is usually wearing on a special occasion, it is heavy and is decorated beautifully to complement “Desi swag” of traditional attire.

Exclusive bangles can be of gold with beautiful carving signifying various designs from flowers to freehand patterns to poise symbols like “Swastik” or can be embellished with diamonds and gemstones which can get as colorful as your saree itself!

Be it a wedding or engagement beautiful bangles is for all. Diwali and religious ceremonies like “Katha” demand not only family and love but also Saree/Channiya Choli and ornaments like bangles to complement its charm and complete your look.

Bangles can be an excellent gift for your better half. Occasions like Anniversaries and “Karva Chauth” makes the relationship of husband and wife stronger and gifting exclusive bangles will definitely make your wife happier!

Buy Real Diamond Exclusive Bangle Collections :

Another special feature of exclusive bangles is that you can wear it in multiple ways. Either you can wear just one statement bangle or in pair like 2, 4 or 6, an equal number of bangles in each hand. Women also prefer to wear such bangles in one hand only, which gives a gaudy look and choose to wear a watch and other accessories on other hands.

No matter how you choose to carry your bangles, we have something for everyone. Our exclusive bangles come in all size, pattern, and variety. You can select among beautifully crafted designs, be it a Gorgeous Golden Bangles or Eternity Bangles adorned with diamonds or joyful gems spread all over your beautiful wrist wear. We are sure you will not be able to pick just one!!