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The ornaments that enhance the beauty of the wrist are known as bracelets.

Males, as well as females, wear bracelets. They are generally circular bands that envelop the wrist. Bracelets can be circular or oval. Bracelets are the most innate accessory that defines the persona and style of women. The simple and basic ones can be chosen as workwear, but for an evening, cocktail, or dinner, one can select the elaborate ones made with diamonds and gemstones with beautiful motifs.

Bracelet is an important item of men’s wardrobe too!

Tennis Bracelets:

Tennis bracelets are made by linking diamonds with precious metal. The diamonds appear as if they are lined up in a queue. Eternity and inline bracelet are another for the tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets are light in weight and very flexible. They are the preferred choice of the girls and the working ladies as they are simple and comfortable as workwear and everyday wear and can easily be transformed into party wear.

They can be replicated with diamonds of different sizes. Design with diamond and gemstone placed alternately, diamond and metal piece placed alternately are adopted as a variation.

Chain Bracelets:

As the name specifies, they resemble a chain which is made of metal links. A charm or a bead is attached in the middle of the chain. Cable chain, curb chain, anchor chain, Figaro chain, box chain, ball or bead chain rope chain, snake chain, are a few chain styles that can be used in chain bracelet.

Girl’s bracelet, kid’s bracelet, women’s bracelet, and even men’s bracelet have this category of bracelets. The contemporary and the modern aspect of this style befit the preference of all ages.

Oval Bracelets:

Oval bracelet is a modified version of a bangle. The oval shape befits the structure of the wrist and adds a little sparkle to the wrist. Jewelry designer has perfected many styles that flatter any size and structure of the wrist. Customarily only the front half which faces upward has the diamonds studded on it while the rest half is plain metal. Unlike bangle, it has to be fastened with a clasp.

Single line diamond-studded, double line diamond-studded are the most common versions. They can be made more ornate with floral shapes, or by using diamonds and gemstones together.

Cuff Bracelets:

Cuff bracelets that do not form a full circle or an oval. They have open ends that form a three-fourth or just a little more part of a circle. They can be simple to elaborate glamorously. One has only to thrust them over the writ to wear them as they do not have a clasp. They sit more fitted to the wrist as compared to the bangles and oval bracelets.

They belong to contemporary or boho-styled jewelry. Both men and women can wear cuffs. They are a rave with the hip-hop culture and exhibit a bold and luxurious attitude.

Diamond cuff bracelets are a must for every fashionista.

Men's Bracelets:

Various excavations authenticate men have been adorning their bodies with many ornaments for ages. Bracelet was one such ornament that was worn on the wrist. Though in those times bracelet wear made from the natural and easily available materials

The new-age men love to wrap their wrists with more ornate and elegant materials like gold and diamonds. The designs are simple with more geometric shapes, but they are designed to exhibit power and masculinity. Gold, diamonds, and gemstones are combined with wood or leather for a modern gold peal. 

Cuffs bracelets and chain bracelets and gold with leather belts are common styles of men's bracelets.

Designer Bracelets:

Designer bracelets have captivating glamour and exuberance. They are beautiful pieces of art that are a combination of gemstones and diamonds set inexpensive metal. 

Designer bracelets are surely the perfect coordinates with those dinner and cocktail party attires.

They can be perfected on themes like floral, geometrical, architecture or can be a blend of two themes together. The style icons and the fashion freaks who want to own something unique go for these designer bracelets.