What Type Of Rings Look Good On Chubby Fingers

Everyone is different and so is the shape and size of their fingers. Some women are blessed with long and slender fingers while some women have bit small and chubby fingers. No matter how elongated your fingers are, and whether they are thin or chubby, Rings are for everyone.

Diamond Rings do not discriminate, they simply make every finger look stunning.

We at Shanti Jewel know you want Fashion Rings for Fat Fingers with certain designs that will suit Chubby fingers best. We bring you some tips to buy Engagement Rings for Plus Size FingersAnd if you are thinking Where to Buy Rings for Fat Fingers, you know Shanti jewel is the perfect answer. 

1) Go Big with your Ring's Gem :

When it comes to Fat Girl Engagement Rings  or Engagement Rings for Plus Size Fingers, always choose Big and brilliant Middle stone.

Big Ring Centre Stone whether it is Diamond or any other colored Gemstone like Ruby or Emerald, it will make your finger look slimmer and longer than they are. 

You can also choose the Halo Ring Setting that will enhance the look of your Diamond Engagement Ring, and make it look more appealing. 

So, Engagement Rings for Plus Size Fingers create a setting, that will show less of the skin on side of the Ring and Big beautiful Stone with single or multicolor small gemstones on the side that will steal the show for you. 

With the first tip now you know Fat Girl Engagement Rings can be Mind-blowing as well, Right?

2) Opt for Wide Ring Setting : 

Rings with Wide Settings give great look to thick fingers. If you don’t like your whole Ring to be very thick and showy, at least choose for setting that gives such effect. 

This Setting will make your fingers look slender, and gives you unique and creative options rather than opting for Solitaire always. 

A great Fashion Rings for Fat Fingers can be a Three-stone design. Three-stone Ring has a great meaning behind it, it is a symbol of Love, Faithfulness, and Happiness. Three-Stone or Four-stone makes a great choice for Fat Girl Engagement Rings.  

Aurey stackable Diamond Engagement Ring from Shanti Jewel is perfect for Engagement Rings for Plus Size Fingers.


3) Choose a Thicker Band Ring : 

If you choose a thin band, it actually emphasizes or draws more attention to your fingers. Choosing a Thicker band will allow you to divert attention from your chubby fingers to Ring. 

Choose a band with a thickness/width of three to four millimeters and it will be a game-changer and is a great Fashion Rings for Fat Fingers.

Engagement Rings for Plus Size Fingers can either be Modern ones or Vintage elaborated ones, as per your choice. 

4) Make a Statement with your Statement Ring :  

Well, who said chubby fingers have no luck when it comes to Rings? 

When it comes to Engagement Rings for Plus Size Fingers or Fat Girl Engagement Rings you have got a lot of choices. Women with Chubby fingers can rock almost any ring, even the kind of Rings that are too big for Slender fingers.

Asymmetric Rings or even Big Floral Rings suits well for Engagement Rings for Plus Size Fingers. Art Décor Rings can be a great choice as well. 

Thinking about Unique Engagement Ring for chubby fingers and considering Where to Buy Rings for Fat Fingers, well Shanti Jewel is your answer for all. 

How about this Floral Cocktail Diamond Ring?


5) Think about Sizing and Customizing Ring :  

If you have Chubby and Thick fingers, your size may not easily be available. In such a case don’t ever hesitate to get it customized. 

We at Shanti Jewel understand that Engagement Rings for Plus Size Fingers are equally special and so we are always there to customize and guide you regarding Fashion Rings for Fat Fingers and choosing the right one.  

Now that you know all about Where to Buy Rings for Fat Fingers and what to consider while buying Engagement Rings for Plus Size Fingers, we hope you get your Dreamy Ring!