What is the Tradition of Engagement Ring around the World

Ring, today is one of the most loved jewelry pieces. Whether it is Solitaire or Band without a gem, or one with Diamond or other colorful gems, made from Gold, Platinum or Rose Gold, each one is equally popular all around the globe and among both men and women. 

We tend to think that Ring is modern jewelry as it gives quite fashionable vide. But well that’s not really true. In fact, rings were created ages ago beginning with twigs till modern era metal.

Today concept and Traditions of Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring is known in the whole world and people follow it, but that too was developed years and years ago, in all cultures we know. Ring has a significance of its own be it as the promise of love or of loyalty.

Let’s sneak in and see Rings and its importance in different cultures:

Traditions of Engagement Ring in India:

In India and in Hindu Culture, it is a custom that women who are about to get married wear lots of jewelry. From metal and glass Bangles to Anklets and Nose pin is worn by women, as is said to bring good luck and long life to the husband.

In Indian culture too, Rings are crucial. From Engagement Ceremony to Wedding, the ring is indeed important. After Wedding, Bride and Groom play a game, in which they have to find a ring from a bowl full of colored water or milk, this said to be an ice breaker and increase coordination among the bride, groom and family.

In India, they have a concept of Toe Ring also. It is Called “Bichiya” and is worn by married women. It is said that a certain finger in toes and connected to the reproductive system, and wearing a ring in that finger keeps it healthy.

Importance of Engagement Ring in Egypt:

It is believed that the Engagement Ring originated in Egypt. It is believed that Brides wore rings ages ago in Egypt. It was in beginning made up of reeds, at times leather and even bone and Ivory and then eventually with Metal. For Egyptians, rings as they are in the form of circle signifies Eternity, and when exchanges by spouses it signifies eternal love.

Tradition of Engagement & Wedding Ring in Vietnam:

Vietnamese have a bit different style. They have different days to Engagement and Wedding. On Engagement Day, Groom’s family presents Bride to be with gifts that too in odd numbers only like 3,5, 7 and so on. Then they pray to their ancestors for approval and blessings, and only after this ritual, Groom to be presents Ring to Bride to be.

Tradition of Engagement Ring in Kenya:

In Kenya, the couple don’t only exchange rings, but also other elaborated and special ornaments. Beads and colorful stones and gems are now long part and parcel of Kenya and its ornaments style. Other than this, place and region and also the religion of the couple play a key role in adornments.

Traditions Of Engagement Ring in Rome:

In Ancient Rome, giving Engagement Ring was more like a pre-nuptial agreement which means that the marriage of Man and Woman is fixed. It was given in the form of dowry and confirming the wedding.

Later on, with the passage of time, the ring was like a symbol of Promise, to stay virtuous and faithful.   

Importance of Engagement & Wedding Ring in Chile:

In Chile, both men and women exchange rings which we don’t see in many places. During the Engagement ceremony, they wear them on the right hands. And later, at times of Marriage, during wedding rituals they take it out from Right and wear on Left hand. 

Importance of Claddagh Ring in Irish:

The Irish Claddagh ring is a kind of ring that represents love, friendship, and loyalty. The ‘hands’ on the ring is for friendship, the heart for love, and the crown signifies loyalty.

While wearing a Claddagh ring in a certain way, you can let others know your relationship status. When you wear the ring on the left hand with the crown facing you it to indicate that a person is engaged. Wearing it on the left hand with the crown facing away from wearer indicate marriage. 

Traditions of Engagement Ring in France:

When most of the world chooses either Bands or Diamonds for their Wedding Bands. French people do it a bit differently. They use colorful gems rather than diamonds for their ring. From Ruby to sapphire to Emerald, they simply look vibrant hues in their ring.

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