The Best Earrings For An Oval Shape

Let’s admit it, Life is too Boring without Earrings. Being a great attire enhancer, Earrings adds unusual charm in one’s appearance. We can surely say that Earrings complete one’s look and there is no doubt about it.

Earrings or any Diamond Earring as accessory is quite versatile. But certain Earrings suits better on certain Face Shape.

We at Shanti Jewel are here to tell you about Earrings for Face Shape so that you know what is better for you.

It is no secret that Oval Facial shape is quite common and versatile as well. There are many different styles of Earrings for Oval Shape and so if you have an Oval Face you can experiment with lots of different styles. 

Let's See The Best Earrings For An Oval Face Shape :

1) Simple Studs Earrings for oval Shape :

Diamond Studs are Simple, elegant and timeless and probably one of the best alternative when it comes to Earrings for Oval Shape.

Round Diamond Studs suits Oval Face and compliments the features making you look Gorgeous.

This Solitaire Dimond Studs can be paired with Gown for lovely Soiree look.

2) Diamond Drop Earring for Oval Face :

Surprized to see Drop Earrings in this list. From Stud to Drop earrings we told you Earring for Oval Face Shape has lots of variety.

Drop Earring is a solid head turner and can be paired with Gown or even traditional attire for a perfect look.


This Linear Drop Earring from Shanti Jewel is all you need to complete your simple look with bold Earrings.

3) Triangle Shape for Oval Face :

Anything which is triangular in shape suits Oval Face and a perfect Earring for Oval Shape.

Take it as Stud Diamond Earring or Drop Earring, a touch of triangle design can add lots of shine and a glam touch in your overall attire.

All this said, always keep on experimenting. Oval Face has high cheek bones and bigger forehead, thus lots of quirky and unique style can suit you! We at Shanti Jewel hope now you understand which Earrings suits Oval Face.