Promise Ring Guide : Meaning, History, Styles, How To Give A Promise Ring

Rings are world known Ornament. It comes in a variety of styles and settings. Embedded with big and small gems and stones, Rings are loved by all. From ages Rings have played an important role in people’s life and rituals as well.

Rings have always been important, in every culture and in every relationship. From ages Rings have signified something special, and is still doing in modern times. Today, we have concepts like Purity Ring, Promise Ring, Engagement Ring and like a destination of love, Wedding Ring.

Each Ring has meaning and importance different than others, while we have shared much about Engagement Rings and Wedding ones, let's discover some other kind of ring. So today, let’s talk about Promise Ring, shall we?

What is Promise Ring :

A Promise Ring, as its name suggest's is a Ring that signifies a Promise among the couple. Well a Promise of love, pretty much you can say so! But for every couple it may have different meanings, but Promise of fidelity and love and mostly Wedding is present to more or less extend.

Some people may consider is ‘Unnecessary’ or ‘an extra step’ and it's their choice. But for some people, Promise Rings are extremely important. Maybe they are not yet mentally or economically ready for marriage or have to move to different places for jobs and studies or simply maybe it's too early for Engagement or Wedding?  Even after issues like these, couples may want to take the relationship to another level, to commit their love and Promise future together, and that’s why Promise Ring is so prominent. 

History Behind Promise Rings :

We tend to think that Romantic gestures and these Rings everything is a modern concept, but most of the time it is not. And so, it’s the case of Promise Ring.

History of Promise Ring goes centuries back. One of a kind Promise Ring originated from England around the 16th Century and was called ‘Posy Ring’. In Posy Ring, people engraved ‘names’ of the couple or even little romantic poetry and prose, which presented their feelings and commitment. 

 History of Promise Ring

And how can we forget about ‘Regard ring’ originated in the Victorian age? In Acrostic rings, it has spelled out a word in gemstones A ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and lastly Diamond which spells “regard”.

Know The Styles of Promise Ring Shnati Jewel


This proves that back then too there was a concept like Promise Ring and was equally popular as today. 

Styles in Promise Ring :

Promise ring is like any other ring, of course it has its own special purpose. You can wear it on any finger you want. People usually wear it in the 3rd finger in the left hand and eventually will be replaced by Wedding Ring.

We at Shanti jewels are here with few mesmerizing Rings ideas, so buying Promise Ring gets easier for you.


1) Solitaire Ring is a Fashion statement. Its grace and elegance is unparalleled. A minimal Solitaire Ring like this from Shanti Jewels is a perfect choice if your girl like the subtle and classic piece.

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2) Small pieces of Gems which gives a Brilliant look, who doesn’t want that? Cluster Ring have a group of small diamonds in a setting, giving it a unique and bright appearance. What about Cluster Ring, which adds a little sparkle to your relationship?

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 3) An Eternity Ring signifies eternal love. A full band embedded with Diamonds, give feels no less than a fairy-tale, trust us on that. Choose an Eternity Ring and promise your Girl a love that will last forever.

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4) Heart Shape is always associated with Love and Romance. It symbolizes forever love and many women love its unique shape. If your girl loves unconventional shapes, we recommend you to buy  Heart Shape Ring from Shanti Jewels.

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5) Or a band like this, which has a blend of Diamonds and metal, a little bling and little subtle metal.

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And who said the only woman can wear a promise ring? Promise Rings are for men too!  So, if you want to buy your man a Promise Ring here are some recommendations:

A ring like this, will be perfect for men, even on a daily basis.

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Or make it a bit blingy with one with 3 Diamonds

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How To Give A Propose Ring :

There is no thumb rule when and how to give Promise Ring to your lover:

  • Take your love to the place you both first met and give your Promise ring there.
  • If you both have a love for big gestures, plan a surprise, involve some friends and you are ready to impress.
  • Beautiful beaches and Mountains are the romantic gateway, give your Promise ring to your partner and promise a life this beautiful. 
  • If you both like to stay lowkey, there is no better place than your home and a small cake!

 A Promise Ring is a Ring for Friendship, Trust and long-lasting Love. Wear it and Commit to it for life!