Taking the time to keep jewelry clean after wearing can significantly reduce tarnish. The condition of our beautiful and sensitive jewelry can be affected by many factors. So, it is necessary to confirm that you properly clean, polish, and store your jewelry. Most of the materials used in manufacturing jewelry are delicate and you will have to take a lot of care while wearing them.


Here are some helpful tips which will help you to ensure that your precious jewelry lasts for a lifetime.

Where to Store:

Most of the jewelry pieces are made of real shells, diamonds, pearls, and some special stones which are very delicate in nature. So, in order to protect your jewelry, you will have to individually store each piece of jewelry in a pouch or a soft bag-like material. This will help a lot to avoid breakage, scratches on your precious sparkling jewelry. Also, keep in mind that you pack your jewelry with a lot of care.

How to Protect Your Jewelry:

There are a lot of tough things we go through all day long. It may not affect our body as we are used to it, but not in case of the delicate jewelry. They are very vulnerable to the hard knocks of daily life. So it is very important to protect them by avoiding extreme temperatures, banging, scratches, and harsh chemicals to minimize wear and tear or in other words damage.

How to Clean Your Jewelry:

Even though gold-plated or rhodium-plated jewelry does not tarnish, but they get dirty. If you really care about your jewelry then remove them while bathing in freshwater, seawater, and chlorinated water. The logic behind this is that you should keep the jewelry away from substances that are not PH neutral. Even after following all the instructions above, you should also know one thing that the jewelry is in contact with your skin which does perspire.


Constant exposure to perfume will damage jewelry due to oil, synthetics like ethyl alcohol, and some other color dyes used in it. They can cause jewelry to lose its shine, glean, sparkle, coating of metal, or even it can make a dull layer on the jewelry. The best practice is to save your jewelry from perfumes. Apply them before wearing jewelry, this will avoid the chemicals in the perfume coming in direct contact with the jewelry.


A cold atmosphere will cause your body part to shrink including fingers, this may cause your ring to slip off your finger. And when you are swimming, you may not even realize until it's too late. So, before going into a hot tub or swimming pool ensure the safety of your jewelry. The swimming pool water has chlorine which can damage or even discolor metals like gold, silver, and platinum slowly eroding the finish and polish of the valuable gemstones as well. Remove your jewelry before swimming or taking a bath. This will help you keep the shine for eternity.

Bed Time:

Take off your jewelry before you go to sleep to avoid scratch, damage, or even breakage. So always store each piece separately to avoid scratching i.e. store them in airtight bags to prevent tarnishing.

Clean Regularly:

Regularly clean your jewelry with warm water and a block of mild soap. Dry each piece with a soft cloth. Also, keep your jewelry away from household cleaners and chlorine.


Doing a workout at the gym is very good for your health and it can keep you energetic all the time. But at the same time wearing them during the workout will reduce the life and the glow of jewelry. The best way to keep the shine of your jewelry is by removing it prior to the workout.