Is Diamond Jewelry A Good Investment

When it comes to Investment, everyone is cautious and they should be. While Generation of our Parents and Grandparents have different notions and choices about what they called a good investment, Millennials today see the world differently and in a wider way.

Gone are the Days when only Real Estate and Gold were considered Good Investment. Today from Stocks to Diamond Jewelry is considered one of the best way to Invest..

So, the question arises, Are Diamond Jewelry a Good Investment? Does Investment in Diamonds yields good returns? Should one make Investment in Diamonds, if yes what are some points to be considered? In short, Are Diamonds A Good Investment Option?


 We at Shanti Jewel understand your dilemma and are here to tell you Are Diamonds A Good Investment choice and how Investment in Diamonds can be fruitful. 

 Pros of making Investment in Diamond : 

  • Investment in Diamond is Probably one of the best decisions you can make. It is Precious, Durable and its value is appreciated with the passage of time. So, whether you have Solitaire Diamond Ring or Diamond Bracelet, just go for it.
  • Diamond Jewelry has almost no effect of inflation like Real Estate or Gold and Silver. Thus, Investment in Diamond is pretty safe and rewarding. 
  • Diamonds or Diamonds Jewelry is easy to store. Unlike Blocks of Gold or and antique Painting, Diamonds require minimal space, so open a Bank Account or get a Locker and your Diamond investment is safe and sound.
  • Whether you are buying a Diamond Ring or a Diamond Necklace, you can actually use and wear it rather than just storing it in a place forever. So, buy something you love Big or Small, Minimal, or Detailed Investment in Diamond will surely make you shine brighter. 
  • When you make and Investment in Diamond, you are not only buying a Diamond but the amount of precious metal like Gold, Silver or even Platinum with it, providing Diamonds Are Good Investment.  

Cons of making Investment in Diamond : 

Diamonds Are Good Investment and Investment in Diamond have no Cons that will prove it is not fruitful.

But its important to know where you can go wrong, to prevent it and choose right. 

  • Diamonds or Diamond Jewelry has no Standard Price, each Diamond is unique in its own way and thus Price is to be measured individually. 
  • People tend to spend much more than they have initially planned when they Purchase Diamond. Of course, we know Diamonds Are Good Investment and you Love wearing them, but its equally important to stick to the budget as well.
  • Diamonds Are Good Investment for someone who is looking for Long Term Investment and is ready to give it some time to reap the great returns. Investment in Diamond is not very rewarding if done for a very short period of time due to Tax(VAT) and other different factors.  

Points to Consider before making Investment in Diamonds : 

1) Choose the Best Diamonds : 

When purchasing Diamonds for Investment, choose nothing less than Best. Consider 4Cs of Diamond which are Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut before you make your investment in Diamond.  

Choose Colourless or Naturally Colored Diamonds for Investment. Such Diamonds are rare and their value is always appreciated with passage of time. White/Colourless Diamonds are quite expensive and if you want to go all color, try finding Red or Blue naturally colored Diamonds, as they are rarest of all. 

When Investing in Diamonds Choose Diamonds with fewer Flaws or one which is flawless for exceptional Clarity and high returns in the future. And talking about Cut, the Cut which shows the brilliance of Diamond, Choose the best Cut like Round or Princess for maximum Sparkle. And Choose Carat as per your Budget, more the Better. 

Consider this and Investment in Diamonds will yield you amazing results.  

2) Budget for Investment in Diamonds : 

When you want a good Investment Portfolio, diversifying Investment is best you can, and for that allocate your money and decide how much Investment in Diamonds suits you. 

Start calculating and you will know how Are Diamonds A Good Investment.  

3) Certified Diamonds for Investment : 

Once you have Basic knowledge about Diamonds and Fixed your budget for Investment in Diamonds start comparing Price. And no matter what, Opt for Standard Certified Diamonds only.

When Diamonds are certified, their Resale value is higher and there is no way you will be cheated. 

At Shanti Jewel, we use premium quality and IGI Certified, EGL certified, and such World-class certified Diamonds only to ensure your Investment in Diamonds gives you good return! 

Now that you know all about Investment in Diamonds and how Diamonds are Good Investmentwith all its Pros and not so many Cons, you are good to make Investment in Diamonds. Just remember to stay in Budget, choose nothing but the best kind of Diamonds and never overlook Certification. And for it all, we at Shanti Jewels are here for you!