How To Wear A Cocktail Ring

Whenever we talk about Rings, there is no single time when we forget to mention Cocktail Rings. Cocktail Rings Designs are unique and gaudy. The look of Diamond Cocktail Ring and Cocktail Ring designs with gems of different colors is Exceptional, Loud and without any doubt a Solid Head turner.

History behind “Cocktail Rings”

But what makes these Rings so Bold? It’s not only how beautifully extravagant these Cocktail Rings Designs are, it is Cocktail Ring’s history as well. It all started around 1920s in American Prohibition Era. Alcohol was banned at that time and thus gave birth to illegal parties and Cocktail Rings emerged from such parties. Unconventional! Isn’t it?

Being Big in size and exceptional in designs and available in vibrant colors, many Women gets confuse about how to Wear and Pair their Cocktail Ring. If you are one of them, we at Shanti Jewel are here for you.

Tips For How To Wearing A Cocktail Ring

1) One Cocktail Ring for Signature look : 

We all know Glam that Cocktail Ring carries, be it Diamond Cocktail Ring or Cocktail Ring designs with gems of different colors and size.

It is advisable to wear only one Cocktail Ring at a time.

You can wear one in each Hand as well. But avoid wear more than 2-3

Cocktail Rings as it will overshadow one another as well as the Outfit and other Jewelry and can make you look Over Dressed in no time.

So, to maintain impeccable charm of Cocktail Ring and for edgy and graceful look know that “Less is More!”


2) Choose ‘Right Hand’ for Cocktail Ring : 

We often get questions like ‘On which Hand one should Wear Diamond Cocktail Ring and Our simple answer is, there is no Thumb Rule that on which hand or finger, you should wear your Diamond Cocktail Ring. You can wear it on any finger you like and feel comfortable wearing.

However, we at Shanti Jewel believe, it is better if you wear your Cocktail Ring in Right Hand. Why?

Well, many Women wear Engagement or Wedding Ring in Ring Finger of their Left hand, so to maintain the balance and to let your Cocktail Ring Shine at its brightest, Right hand suits best. 

But again... Who is going to stop you if you want to wear on left? Just Go ahead and buy one!



If this your first Cocktail Ring we at Shanti Jewel recommend this elegant Roxy Color Stone and Lab created Diamond Cocktail Ring

Also, Cocktail Ring Designs are such, that they tend to draw attention to your hand. So, make sure your Diamond Cocktail Ring suits both your figure size and undertone.

If you have Long Fingers, Big and Small all type of Cocktail Rings suits you well. But if your fingers are comparatively small, Choose Cocktail Ring Designs which helps your finger get elongated look.  Choose small and detailed designs.

3) Consider Occasion : 

Your Attire and your jewels must be according to Occasion. We are sure you neither want to look too edgy nor to simple whether it is your Office Meeting, a Corporate party or traditional ceremonies. 

Suitable for Office Wear :

If you want to wear Diamond Cocktail Ring in your Office, go for dramatic but simple Cocktail Ring Designs as it will be more comfortable and can be worn all day long. This Daisy Diamond Cocktail Ring is elegant and comfortable, giving a sense of Spark to your Daily Wear.


Suitable for Traditional Functions : 

Diamond Cocktail Ring is Perfect when it comes to adding bling to your Indian Traditional Dress. Be it Saree or Salwaar Kameez you can never go wrong with a Dramatic and Statement Diamond Cocktail Ring.

Take a look at this sparkly Gem and Diamond Cocktail Ring with traditional design.


But why wait for Special Occasion to wear your Diamond Cocktail Ring?

You can pair it with your day to day outfit as well. Jeans and Pretty T-shirt or Summer special Floral Dress or ever classic Kurtis. Our Floral Diamond Cocktail Ring looks Fab with everything. 


4) Wear your Confidence : 

No Lady is complete without Smile of her Lips and Confidence in her heart and Body Language. Your Diamond Cocktail Ring will look better when you wear it like you own the World! With attitude on fleek.

So be Confident and keep flaunting your extravagant Diamond Cocktail Ring!!!