How To Store Fine Jewelry Safely

Let’s face it, Gold, Platinum, or Rose Gold price of precious metals is touching sky. And rare Diamonds and other colourful gems are equally expensive. Jewelry is not only costly monetarily, but has emotional value attached to it. Be it symbol of love, your Wedding Ring or precious Bracelet gifted to you by your Grandmother, Jewels and ornaments are dear to us in all ways possible.

With months of saving and weeks of selecting design, we decide to buy a Fine Diamond Gold Jewelry piece for oneself or loved ones. But that’s not the hardest part. After purchasing Jewelry taking its care is equally important, so that its lustre, texture and quality remain intact for years.

We at Shanti Jewel are here, to not only help purchase jewels but also provide Ideas of Jewelry Storage. 

 How to store precious Jewelry for long time


1) Say no to extreme temperature: 

Always store your jewels at correct temperature. Oh no, there’s no need to go to a laboratory for the exact one. By right temperature, we mean temperature that is neither very cold nor very hot. Either of the extreme temperature isn’t good for your Jewels and may cause discolouration, tarnishing and take away its shine.

Correct humidity is equally important. For instance, keeping Gold gets filthy quickly if kept in high humidity.

So, keep your Fine Gold jewels away from direct sunlight and places with high humidity.


2) Invest in good Jewelry Box:

You don’t want your expensive Jewelry lying around or put it in a random box that may scratch them, and thus having a Jewelry box is must.

When you buy Jewelry box, have one which has soft cushioning or linings on inside and is sturdy and hard outside. Avoid Jewelry boxes which are made up of plastic, wood or any hard material on inside as it may create friction and scratch on your precious gems and metals.

Make sure Jewelry box has enough spots different sections to store all your fine Jewelry properly rather than piling up on one another. 

 Jewelry Box to Store Precious Fine Jewelry


3) Keep your Jewels clean:

With passage of time and regular usage, Jewelry loses its shine and so it is important to keep them clean. But how often?

Well, frequency of cleaning depends upon use of your ornaments. If you wear something on regular basis, like your Wedding Ring or Necklace and Pendant, give it a small wash once every 2 weeks.

If you wear certain jewels rarely and on certain occasion only, it doesn’t get as dirty, and thus cleaning it once a year is enough.

Whenever you Clean your jewels at home, use lukewarm or cold water and soft cloth/brush to scrub your jewels with. Make sure you use cleaners that has minimum and mild amount of chemical or it may spoil your jewels. Don’t forget to pat it dry! And as much as cleaning jewels is important, storing it in clean and dry box too plays an important role in keeping your jewels sparking and away from odour.

If you are not sure how to clean or have doubt, always take your jewels to your jeweller rather than experimenting. 


Tips to Clean Jewelry to make it shine for long time


4) Avoid storing gems together:

Each gem stone is different. Some are hard and less prone to getting scratches, others are brittle and get scratches easily.

Like, Diamond is hardest among all gems and has rank 10 or Sapphire having rank 9 out of 10 on Mohs Hardness Scale, which means it can scratch any other gems having lower rank than itself.

Simply, arrange your gems stones separately in proper sections or use zip lock bags and avoid stacking up among one another.


Avoid Jewelry Stones Scratches while Storing


5) Avoid Sleeping with Jewelry on:

After a tiring day or fun party, removing Jewelry and makeup seems to be so boring, yet ladies it is necessary!!

When you wear those gaudy rings or statement neck pieces and Earring, it definitely makes sleeping uncomfortable. Other than that, there are chances, that you may lose a stone or two. Or break a prong. You may even change its shape for the worse.

So rather than accepting the after effect why not take correct precautions already?


Now your Real Diamond Gold Jewelry will stay just same forever!