What Kind Of Wedding Band Goes With A 3 Stone Ring

Who doesn’t love Rings? We all do and there is no doubt about that.

And we always find one or the other reason to buy new ones, be it Diamond Ring to surprise your loved ones out of love or Rings for a special occasion: Diamond Engagement Ring or Diamond Wedding Band. Wedding rings Designs with an infinite number of variations makes the jaw drop every time.

And Oh, those brilliant Wedding Band Ideas that come up with pretty designs and Wedding Band Trends, that helps us keep up with the latest fashion.

Buying a Ring is difficult, but buying a Ring that suits your Wedding Band is as challenging.  But are you someone who is looking for Best Wedding Band For 3 Stone Ring? Well then, this Blog is just for you. 

3 Stone Ring Wedding Band is much in trend these days. Be it 3 Stone Ring with Diamond Band with Classic round Diamond or Emerald Cut 3 Stone Ring we at Shanti Jewel are here to guide you for all.

Tips To Buy A Ring That Looks Best With Your 3 Stone Diamond Ring : 

1.  Simple Diamond Wedding Band for 3 Stone Diamond Ring: 

If you have a 3 Stone Ring as your engagement ring , chances are it is already pretty Extravagant. As the name suggests there are 3 diamonds or stones, the Middle one being biggest it already gives a charismatic look.

So, your Wedding Ring should be such that it doesn’t overshadow your 3 Stone Diamond Ring like Eternity Ring from Shanti Jewel. It will compliment your gaudy 3 stone Ring perfectly with its twinkly shine.


2.   Match your Ring Metals or don’t:

When it comes to Ring Metals, the choice is always yours. If your 3 Stone Diamond Ring has Platinum you can opt for the same Platinum or can go for Yellow Gold Diamond Ring/strong> or even Elegant Rose Gold Diamond Ring


There is no thumb rule you can opt for the same or experiment with different, whatever metal you choose we at Shanti Jewel know it will definitely shine brighter with you!

3.  Choose Pave Bands:


Three Stone Ring has a classic and evergreen look. When you add a Thin Pave Band to it, you create a timeless piece of the ring with a modern twist.

Thin Pave Bands sit close to each other, making your ring look Sparkly and elegant.

We at Shanti Jewel has a perfect one for you.

Here is a Trilogy Stack Diamond Ring that matches the modern Bride in you!


4. Match color of Ring Stones:

Colors make everything beautiful and when it comes to Ornaments and Jewels, it is no exception. Be it Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or any other stone, its colors add life to you Ring, Earring, Necklace, and what not. It adds twist which by anyway cannot be achieved by classic Diamond as well.

So does your Three Stone Ring has colorful Stones in it? And are you confused about how to pair it with your Wedding Ring? Well the simple answer is just Colour Coordinate it!

If your Three Stone Ring has Ruby, have a Diamond Wedding Band or Diamond Wedding Ring which has a similar color stone like Red/Pink Emerald or Red/Pink Topaz or Ruby itself. And if not, Diamond is always there to add a classic touch.

Three Stone Wedding Ring Designs are such that it provides you a chance to be creative with both Colors and Metal.


5. Match Ring Stone Shapes:       

Women Wedding Band has lots of style and blingy options. Three Stone Wedding Band comes in as much style and trend. It is not necessary to have your Three stone Wedding Band in a simple Brilliant Cut arrangement. Wedding Band with Princess Cut or Wedding Band with Emerald Cut is also a great Wedding Band Idea that is loved by fashionista brides who want something unique.

And when it comes to buying Wedding Band it should complement your Engagement Ring. So matching Shape becomes an important aspect to consider. Similar shapes blend well and make you Wedding Ring look nothing but Stunning.

IIf you have Three Stone Ring with say Emerald shape as Middle Stone. Make sure you buy your Wedding Ring which has similar shape something like this.


All in all, it’s pretty great to have 3 Stone Diamond Ring and it is easy to pair it with anything! Just a little creativity and you will be the owner of another marvelous jewel piece that everyone around you will definitely adore.