How To Make Your Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Rings, its settings and its design depend upon how the wearer likes it be, be it a Promise Ring, Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring or one brought for yourself. Some people like it subtle and simple, while some love glamourous and big statement making ones.

If you are someone who likes their Diamond to be big and brilliant or at least show that it is, we are here to help you! 

9 Ways to Make your Diamond Ring Look Bigger : 

1)  Choose Elongated Shape of Diamond Ring :

Of course, Round diamonds are quite popular and has is incomparably brilliant but let’s face it, one has to pay a quite hefty price for Round Cut if they want it big. But if you opt for Oval Cut Diamond, Marquise Cut Diamond or even Pear Cut Diamond, you will see that stone is much bigger and is economical as well with undeniable brilliance and charm. Even after having similar carats Shapes like Marquise Cut DiamondEmerald Cut Diamond and such tend to look larger and takes up more space in finger creating the illusion of bigger looking stone


2)  Don’t shy away from Colors Of Diamond Ring :

Colored gems with pale tints of blue, green, yellow or even pink tend to look much bigger than Traditional colorless Diamond. These colors are solid head turner and definitely tricks your eyes and appear bigger. This Green Emerald Diamond Ring will surely make you grin


3)  Be Open to Color and Clarity of Diamonds Of Rings :

If a bigger diamond is your Priority, be flexible in color and clarity of diamonds.

An unusual cut with or a little tinted diamond will surely get you a bigger carat diamond at a lesser price. Your diamond will be dazzling and look perfect as slight tints aren’t visible to the naked eye.  

4)  Thin band for bigger looking Diamond :

If your Diamon band is wider, it may out shadow the diamond making it look smaller. The more delicate and slimmer your band is, the more attention will your Diamond get, as slender bands make Diamond looks noticeable.  Pinch shank type of delicate bands will definitely make you Diamond outshine it all! 

5)  Stick to Platinum or White Gold for Diamond Ring's Metal Color :

While choosing band, always choose White bands like Platinum or White gold as they are best when it comes to reflecting light, making your Diamond look bigger and brilliant.  

6)  Opt for Less and Slender Prongs of Diamond Rings :

Traditionally most rings had 6 prongs, but now a days we see rings with 4 Prongs too. Ring with 4 Prongs makes your Diamond look bigger as a minimum number of prongs is surrounding it.

Also, if you choose prongs that are wide it will lessen the amount of light your Dimond gets, making it look dull. Choose delicate prongs so your Diamond gets exposed to light, and makes your Diamond look Brilliant and big due to reflection. 

7)  Say Hello to pretty Halo Setting Diamond Ring :

Halo Setting helps in making your Dimond look bigger. A band or two of sparkling little diamonds can make your centre stone look bigger and more brilliant. It adds much needed diameter if your centre diamond is small and adds all the bling and sparkles. We at Shanti jewel has a perfect dazzling piece for you.


8)  Choosing some Side Stone of Diamond Ring :

Adding smaller stones on both sides of your Diamond makes it both mesmerizing and brilliant. As side stones chosen are smaller than centre stone, it gives the illusion that centre one is much larger than its actual carat weight. A  Trilogy Ring like this is what you need or this one?

 9)  Get your Diamond of Ring cleaned regularly and keep it tidy :

Cleaning your Diamond regularly is important for its shine and Brilliance. When Cleaned regularly, Diamond tends to retain its shine, which may have got dull after regular usage. When all the dirt disappears, just see how your Diamond looks brighter and bigger!! Clean your Ring at Home or take the help of Professional and get ready to shine bright. 

We know these tips are going to make your Ring’s Diamond look Bigger making it a style statement!