How To Disinfect Jewelry From Corona Virus

We have all been suffering from the coronavirus for the past many months, and we weren't able to go out and dress well ourselves. We all miss being well-dressed and wearing expensive accessories and jewelry.

But now we all can see that the graph of coronavirus constantly goes down, and we have got freedom from lockdown. We all can now attend the function with a few limitations, and the wedding season is also about knocking at our door.

We are so excited to attend the functions and wear expensive jewelry, but at the same time, we also have to keep in our mind that we haven't got complete freedom from the novel coronavirus. We have to sensitize ourselves as well as the things we used most often, like the accessories we wore, and for women, it is very important to take great care of their jewelry while attending a function.

When we went out, we got in contact with many people and things, and the germs and bacteria also got in contact with us. Since this pandemic, we all have become habituated to washing our hands regularly and sanitizing ourselves, but often we forgot to sanitize the accessories and jewelry attached to us, and it could become a great cause to spread germs and infection.

We should keep the things in our minds while wearing jewelry.

1) Wash your hands before wearing any jewelry :

    Knowingly or unknowingly, we get in connection with many things in our daily lives, and there are many chances to have germs on the surface. When we wear jewelry, germs also get in connection with the accessories or jewelry, so it is always better to wash your hand before wearing jewelry to prevent them from viruses.

2) Keep your jewelry away from sanitizer and antimicrobial soap :

    When you apply sanitizer and antimicrobial soap while putting jewelry on hand. There are high chances that a chemical goes under the part of jewelry and affects the metal of jewelry, and it might become weak from the inside, so it's far better to disconnect the jewelry from the body while applying sanitizer or antimicrobial soap.

3) Carefully clean your jewelry :

    While putting off your jewelry from your body, carefully clean them. To clean your jewelry, use boiled water here. Keep in mind that water should not be too hot, it should be bearable warm water. You can also use mild soap to clean your jewelry or disinfect it from viruses.

If it is possible you can also use UV technology sanitizer, which can help your jewelry to disinfect from viruses with the help of ultra violate rays.

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