How to Choose Perfect Wedding Ring

If you are reading this blog, related to selecting a perfect wedding ring, then chances are you are getting married!! And a big Congratulations for that..  Yes, Yes we understand your excitement for perfect wedding and equally beautiful wedding ring which is also considered as symbol of love, loyalty and promises among couples.

And when something so special is happening “LIKE YOUR WEDDING” getting excited and being confused is obvious because let’s face it, we have all been dreaming about our wedding from years!

We here at Shanti Jewel, will be supporting you and giving you tips so that selecting a wedding ring becomes less difficult for you. 

1. Earlier the better:

We tend to delay our buying, thinking the later we buy, the latest collection we get. Be it wedding rings, wedding jewelry or wedding clothes.

But this is actually not true. No major fashion changes occur in period of 2-3 months especially in wedding rings and its designs. 

Getting started before wedding season means chances of good discount on wedding rings (making charges) both online and in stores. Also selling executives will be more helpful then usual and will show you more variety of wedding rings and any ornaments as there is less crowd.  

And even if you want your wedding ring customized, you need more time.

2. Where to shop from?


This one can be a tough decision. Whether to go to your traditional jeweler from where your family purchases from years. Or try the new and reputed jewelry store your cousin was talking about. Or to go online with unlimited choices..

While buying online, you can get variety and can easily compare rates, buying it from physical store has its own charm as you can talk to jewelry and may get exactly what you want. 

We at Shanti jewel offer you both online and offline options to choose from, so that you enjoy the process and forget all the stress!

3. Decide your budget:


Every couple has its own budget and plans regarding their wedding ring.

And finding a beautiful wedding ring, which you and your better half likes, in a specific budget is not an easy task. And for that you need to explore, and we at Shanti jewels understand that. 

Thus, providing something for everyone and every budget, both at online and offline store.

4. Metal for wedding ring:


The more you see, the more confused you will be.

Better narrow down the metal you want and search for specific ones. You have wide variety to choose from, glorious gold to shiny silver and platinum or even white gold and don’t forget rose gold too.

Today, both bride and groom choose their wedding rings with same or different metals, as per their choice.

5. Wedding rings: Mix or match?


Today, wearing matching wedding bands is the much-loved trend. The couple decides a type of wedding ring they both like and are comfortable with and get matching wedding rings. 

Some couples know their choices are poles apart and love to wear rings they please, something which suits their fashion sense, without any concern about matching it. Like you may like yellow gold while your partner wants platinum, there is no rule. Just buy what you love.

Decide how you and your better half want your wedding ring to be, whether a perfect matching couple band or something different for both of you and chose from beautifully curated pieces that we offer at Shanti Jewels.

6. Gems for your wedding ring:


Amidst sparkle of so many gems, which one will you choose for your wedding ring?

There is a lot to choose from, from our brightest diamonds to colorful gems that matches and complement your style.

Choose among diamonds, big or small or ruby or even sapphire anything you love. Matching metal of you wedding ring with gem you choose is also completely upon you and so is carat.

7. The wedding ring that suits your lifestyle:

For most people a wedding ring is something they will wear every day, for their whole life. So a wedding ring should be such that it fits in your lifestyle and not only in your ornament’s box. Wedding ring should be something stylish yet practical for everyday use.

For example, if your life style is active or outdoorsy, choose something that is durable, with less gems so you don’t lose one. Or if your work involves more use of hands, buy something with less carving, so that chances of your wedding ring catching dirt is less.

8. Type and Size of wedding ring:

From traditional modern rings to Modern wedding rings, you have options, all equally beautiful. You can opt for Comfort fit or choose evergreen Eternity band.

Talking about Modern wedding rings, you can try Pipe Wedding band which is quite popular among men or Pave wedding band who want something different from traditional rings and is much loved today.

Beauty of your Wedding Ring fades, if its not perfectly of you size. Take a ring which is comfortable, neither to tight nor too loose.

9. Quality for your wedding ring:


Quality is important, not only on the wedding ring but also in any jewellery you purchase. Always check the manufacturer's mark, which proves that they created this piece of jewellery and quality mark given by special boards, which states that the product has top-notch quality and meets all required standards of purity.