How To Choose Indian Bridal Jewelry

Jewelry Shopping for Indian Brides :

Well Well Well! If you are looking for Jewelry and shopping for Lehengas all day long.. Then we guess, your Big Day is arriving soon! Congratulations for that..

Now that you are getting married, we know you want to look nothing but the best. With that Wedding Lehenga and mesmerizing Ornaments and all that glitter and bling around, you are sure to look like a Queen.

We Indians are known for our Cultural and Ritualistic Weddings. Indian Brides are one of the prettiest in the world. Be it gorgeous Red or pink attire or pretty Gajras, everything about Indian Bride is ethereal.

Jewlery plays an intimate part when it comes to Weddings. Be it intricate Wedding Diamond Jewelry or Golden ones, Bridal Jewelry is special.

We at Shanti Jewels understand how difficult and confusing it is to buy Bridal Jewelry from a store or Bridal Jewelry Online which suits your Lehenga and is as perfect as you. So, here is our guidelines to help you How to Buy Bridal Jewelry... 

Bridal Necklace Set :

A necklace is among the most important Jewelry pieces. The necklace be it big or small, choker or longer ones, carries a traditional charm. You should choose a Necklace which goes best with your blouse and its neckline.

Here are some of the prettiest Neckpiece type:

1) Bridal Rani Haar Necklace :

Rani Haar is the prettiest type of Neckpiece you can wear. It is usually long and can have 1-2 other short layers too. Rani Haar looks best when worn with another choker or short neckpiece and gives a royal look to your entire attire and is must own Wedding Diamond Jewelry. 

2) Choker Bridal Set :

The choker is a bit shorter in length and fits well around the neck. Choker Necklace has gained popularity in past few years and is now a hot favorite among women, be it party or wedding. Of course, the Choker Necklace designed for a Wedding is different than party one and is has intricate beautiful designs.

Bridal Bangles for Wedding :

Chuda Bangles is worn by Indian bride on the day of Wedding and for some days even after it. Chuda Bangles is considered auspicious and it said to bring prosperity.

Back in the days usually Red colored Chuda Bangles were worn by the bride. But now the trend has changed. Women chose Chuda Bangles which matched her lehenga and other ornaments. Though Red is still popular and gives classy look. 

You can pair your Chuda Bangles with Shanti Jewels exclusive Golden Bangles too.

Nath Bridal Nose Ring :

Nath is a beautiful traditional jewelry. It consists of Nose Ring either big or small. It may have a string attached for proper fitting.

Adding Nath to your Wedding look is like adding more grace to it. And you do not need to get your nose Pierce for it! Great, isn’t it?

A perfect addition to the Wedding Diamond Jewelry collection, right? 

Earrings for Bridal Dresses :

Earrings today is the most loved jewelry, be it for a    superstar or a bride. Be it ‘Chand Balis’, ‘Jumkhas’ or ‘Studs’ every Earring is worth all the buzz.

Big and blingy Earrings is what makes any bride shine brighter… 

Payal for Bridal :

Payal is also known as Anklets or ‘Ghoonghru’ and is made to wear on both Ankles. It comes in pair and has traditional designs and delicate designs.

Broad Silver Payal with diamonds and gems are specially designed for brides. Many Payal has small metallic bells known as or ‘Ghughri’ in Gujrati, which produces a sweet sound when the wearer moves. 

Rings for Wedding Bridal Set :

Rings are elegant and evergreen… Rings are for both men and women. There are rings for a party and casual wear and even special rings for marriage, engagement and such occasions.

Rings come in all shapes and sizes. With classic diamonds and colorful gems, choose anything you want!

A Wedding Diamond Ring like this from Shanti Jewel will surely go well with your Red bridal Lehenga...

Or something unique like this? Whats say?


Maang tikka is adding a unique look to the bride. Maang Tikka has one of its Chained ends attached to hair, and other pretty pendants like portion on the forehead.

It gives a quite classy and traditional look. 

Bridal Jewelry Online : 

At this time of Pandemic, we understand you don’t want to step out of the house to buy Wedding Diamond Jewelry, and thus we at Shanti Jewel brought you Bridal Jewelry Online.

Visit our Website for Wedding Diamond Jewelry and start shopping! 

From being confused about How to Buy Bridal Jewelry, to knowing Wedding Diamond Jewelry which suits you best we have made you Pro, haven’t we?

So Are you Shopping Ready Now?