How To Choose Everyday Jewelry

Are you someone who loves Wearing Jewelry? And yet are confused that what Jewelry You Can Wear All The Time and what are some Everyday Jewelry Trends?

Well then think no more! We at Shanti Jewel are here to present to you to some of the ideas regarding Jewelry You Can Wear All The Time and latest Everyday Jewelry Trends that can add a dash of sparkle in your day to day outfit. 

Whether you are working women or a house maker, Gold Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry is without a doubt integral part of your life. And we understand how you want to know everything about wearing and pairing Jewelry You Can Wear All The Time and examples of  What Is Your Everyday Jewelry.. So let's Begin! 

1)  Know your Style :

The best way to wear Diamond Jewelry or an ornament is to wear it with confidence. And When you know your Jewlery Style and you can simply rock Jewelry You Can Wear All The Time. 

You may want to wear a classic Diamond Earring or want to highlight your Ruby Bracelet. Whether it is classic and subtle Diamond Jewelry or a complete Fashion Statement, Choice is completely yours.

If you love certain pieces of jewelry and want to include in Daily Wear Jewelry, be it Diamond Wedding Band or any other everyday Jewelry piece because of its sentimental value, you definitely should do it.

But make sure it is a piece of Jewelry You Can Wear All The Time and is comfortable because that’s What Is Your Everyday Jewelry is supposed to do.


2) Budget for Everyday Jewelry : 

We always consider Budget whenever we have to buy anything, and Everyday Jewelry is no different. Whether you are buying classic Diamond Earring or an extravagant Art Décor Ring, considering your budget is important. 

Today, Precious Metals and Diamonds or other Gem stones are available in all kinds of Price Range, Carat and Quality.  Shortlist your wishes, like You want your Diamond Ring to have Bigger Diamond than to have Brilliant one or rather than Diamond you want to Choose Ruby or Sapphire. Or you want to opt for White Gold instead of Platinum as per your Budget and  Everyday Jewelry Trends.   

So, cut down on some things and add some qualities because only you know What Is Your Everyday Jewelry and how much it should cost you. 

3) Minimal and Elegant :

When it comes Jewelry which You Can Wear All The Time you must choose something which is comfortable and easy breezy. And Minimal and subtle jewelry is in hot list of Everyday Jewelry Trends. Wearing a heavy piece of Jewelry all the time may create itching, Perspiration and even Body aches at time. 

So you can go for Detailed, Decorative and statement piece of Jewelry only if you feel you can Wear Jewelry all the time and feel free and comfortable.

Like this Art Décor Ring from Shanti Jewel is elegant as well as a Solid head turner keeping you all comfortable. 


4) Shanti Jewel’s Everyday Jewelry Special : 

Still in need of Guidance? We at Shanti jewel has selected few pieces of Jewelry which You Can Wear All The Time. Whether you are attending a Conference at office or meeting guests at home, these Everyday Jewelry Trends are perfectly glitzy and comfy.

Earrings are simple and elegant. Adding Diamond Earrings to your daily look doesn’t only add a touch of elegance but also a dash of shimmer. 

Whether you wear Indian dresses like Saree and Kurti or comfortable in Western Formal this Diamond Studs are perfect for you. 



Bracelet is Jewlery which suits women of all ages. Adding Bracelet to your Daily wear Jewlery on one hand and an elegant watch on other will give your overall look a lovely touch. 

This Diamond Tennis Bracelet with Green Gem stone/Emerald will add the needed colour and shine to your Daily Wear Jewlery. 



Be it Men or Women, Rings are loved by all. It is a timeless piece of Jewelry which rules heart of every women. 

We know that sometimes, you don’t want to opt for something tiny and minimal but rather detailed and beautiful.

Thus we at shanti Jewel present to you this Lab Grown Ring adorned with Round and Princess Cut diamond. We are pretty sure you will love it ! 



Gone are the days when women used to wear Rani Haar as Jewelry You Can Wear All The Time. Today women love Daily Jewelry Trends which includes Light weight and sophisticated Pendant. 

A minimal Heart Pendant is a Jewelry You Can Wear All The Time. With its unique shape and design, it adds variety to your daily wear Jewelry. 

We at Shanti Jewel suggest this fine Pendant for you. 

We hope with this blog, We at Shanti Jewel have helped you find What Is Your Everyday Jewelry Style is and what suits you the best. Stay updated with  Everyday Jewelry Trends and keep Shinning !!