How to Choose Diamond Tennis Bracelets ?

Among all variety of bracelets, Diamond Tennis Bracelets are loved more. The simple reason is Diamond Tennis Bracelets are elegant and sophisticated. Due to its classic look, ladies love it. And the best thing is you can pair it with literally anything be it a ceremony like Wedding or formal office party.

Buying a Diamond Tennis Bracelet> is a costly affair, and thus specific points need to be considered before purchasing this beauty.

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Origin of Tennis Bracelet:

Tennis Bracelet’s look is as unique as its name, and it has a Sporty history behind it. The term “Tennis Bracelet” was coined due to an event that occurred in the year 1987 during Tennis match in the USA. Chris Evert, a professional tennis player, was playing tennis and lost her designer diamond bracelet in the middle of the game. The game was then stopped on her request and resumed only after she found the Bracelet. And thus, from that very day, this piece of jewelry is known as Tennis Bracelet!

Selecting Diamond Color:

Usually, Diamond Tennis Bracelet has colorless Diamonds.

A perfectly colorless diamond is rare and extremely expensive while with some tints, the price reduces. You can choose as per your budget and metal choice.

Like if you are choosing warm coloured Metal like Gold or Rose Gold for your Bracelet, you can choose diamonds till grade of K or even M, and it will give your Bracelet stunning look.


But if you are opting for Platinum or even White Gold, diamonds with yellow tints will be visible and noticeable, thus making your Bracelet less appealing.

You can also choose colourful and vibrant gems along with Diamond and add colour to your Tennis Bracelet.



Choosing correct Clarity of Diamond:

Diamond Tennis Bracelet has multiple diamonds, each small in both size and carat. Thus, making it impossible to know the internal flaw (if any) without proper expertise and tools.

We at Shanti Jewels recommend you to buy ‘eye clean’ diamonds for your Tennis Bracelet which means no flaws will be visible to naked eyes. It makes your Bracelet budget-friendly as well as chic.

Thus, while buying Diamond Tennis Bracelet, concentrate on Clarity but more on Color grade.

Choosing correct Metal:

Talking about Metal, Diamond Tennis Bracelet goes well with all. Diamond Tennis Bracelet is classic , and thus you can choose any metal you wish for. What Metal you should choose depends on your usage and taste.

Yellow gold complements warm skin tone more while Rose Gold is for all.



Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet looks extremely elegant and unique. Yellow gold is not extremely expensive and is durable and robust enough to go on for years. But Platinum suits better for daily wear as it is much more durable and more reliable than Yellow Gold, but it’s quite pricy.

You can go for White Gold, which is more durable than Yellow Gold and less expensive than Platinum. Win-Win, isn’t it?


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Size of Bracelet:

Diamond Tennis Bracelets should be of perfect size.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet should neither consist of oversized diamonds, nor it should fit too tight or loose on your wrist.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet should not be extremely tight but rather should be falling free around the wrist. Measure your wrist using measure tape or even a ribbon. Use the measurement and don’t forget to add half an inch more; it will make your Bracelet more comfortable.


Diamond Tennis Bracelet should be of a size that complements your wrist size, oversized one with gaudy diamonds will take away Diamond Tennis Bracelet’s grace.

We at Shanti Jewels with our team are here to help you find a perfect one!

Settings and Style for Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

Prong, Channel or Bezel are usually three varieties of Settings in Diamond Tennis Bracelet’s which holds the diamond in place and gives a different look. Just like Metal, selecting a setting depends completely on individual taste and preferences.

- Prong:

Prongs are small Metal holding structure that keeps each stone on its place. It is a metal projection which holds gems to jewelry. 3-4 prongs per gem works well.



- Channel:

Channel setting provides a sparkly and clean look for your gems. Here two metal rows are made, on either side, so that it holds gems from both sides.

This setting is quite popular and trendy.

- Bezel:

In Bezel setting, small metal circles hold gems on the place. Each gem is surrounded by metal semi-circle to secure all stones.

It gives a chic and modern look.



When to buy Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewellery. It is not only a trendy and fashionable accessory; Diamond Tennis Bracelet gives the classic and graceful match to your look too.

There is no right or wrong time to buy or gift a Diamond Tennis Bracelet . So here are some occasions on which you can buy or gift this beauty to your near and dear one.

  1. Wedding day
  2. Wedding Anniversary
  3. Engagement
  4. Graduation
  5. Birthday
  6. Baby Shower
  7. First Job
  8. Big Promotion
  9. Festivals like Diwali and Christmas
  10. Any regular day when you want to make it unique.


Well, we have explained all the tips and tricks of how to buy pretty Diamond Tennis Bracelet that too in your budget. What are you waiting for?

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