How to choose a wedding band to suit your engagement ring

Today, we discuss choosing a wedding ring and a wedding band which after engagement ring, is probably one of the most important things you can do because it's a piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life.

The most popular material for wedding rings in yellow gold. It's very classic, and the best combinations are 14k or 18k because they have the right gold look, but they are not too soft; otherwise, you'll see the scratches. Gold itself, a 100% gold is very soft, and so if you go over 18k which is 75% of gold, it's just not perfect for wedding rings.


In England, you can also find 9k gold rings which are 37.5% of gold which is very low in my opinion, and it's harder but the look. Sometimes it is different from 14k or 18k.

In Germany, you can even find 333 gold which mean 33.3% of gold, and to me, it's not gold because the majority is something else and I'd rather stick with something that's at least 14k or 18k.

Traditionally, if you didn't like gold, which were rarely the case, people went for silver — specifically 925 sterling silver or 950 or 800 silver.

Back in the day, the alternative used to be platinum or white gold. Platinum is a different material than gold, and it's usually more expensive because it's also harder to work on it. White gold is quite popular these days, and if you like the silver look, it's a valid alternative to yellow gold or maybe even rose gold.


When it's time to choose your wedding bands, there are going to be loads of considerations and choices that you can make, basically have a look through some of those and try and help you with a bit of information. We're going to cover width profile whether it's plane of diamond sets. What metal type you use finger sizing and production time.

The next step would be to determine what kind of look you want, specifically, how wide you want your ring to be. Most bands are between 3mm and 8 mm wide. I suggest you go with something maybe 4mm or 5mm because it gets bigger, yes it can look more masculine, but it can also be more challenging to get the ring onto your finger, and it can be less comfortable when you wear it.

What we're going to look at is width now as a general rule of thumb is kind of nice to match the engagement ring and the wedding band together. If the engagement ring has a constant width, that's easy; however, some engagement rings will have a taper. The width will get thinner towards the diamond setting. Now on this occasion, what you'll try to do is match with the three and nine o'clock positions on the engagement ring for width, which gives quite a beautiful aesthetic. So, for example, we end up with something like this. Sometimes, customers try to go for a slightly wider style, because that's the design that they like and that's fine. Yes, something that we can do one consideration is any future purchases. So, for example, eternity rings can start to add up in the overall width on the finger and look maybe a little bit clunky, but we can advise on this, and we can look at designs on site.


Secondly, let's have a look at profile now the term profile describes the shape of an engagement ring or a wedding band. For example, we have the D shaped band, which has a very flat inner surface and then a domed outer edge. In comparison, there's the traditional court which has got a rounded inner edge and also a rounded outer edge, and it gives a very classic appearance.

The engagement rings profile with the wedding bands profile for the most excellent appearance between the two, but the engagement and wedding bands represent different events in your life, and therefore you might choose to have a different profile for each.

Another thing to consider is whether the ring is plain or diamond set, so this is an incredibly difficult question to answer because, to be honest, it's entirely down to personal opinion.

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There are some designs which I think are going to be better with a diamond set wedding band.

For example, we have the Sarina style ring with its halo setting shoulder set and diamonds down the leading faces of the ring as well, but you might think that a plain wedding band suits better. The advantage of a plain wedding band is that it makes the engagement ring. The centerpiece and that can be important.

Sometimes, plain or diamond set is not the right answer you want texture or an engraving detail or maybe some gemstone settings, and these are all things that we can do as well. For example, we've got this ring which has got a slight texture to it. Metal is another important consideration Gold, Platinum, Palladium, what do you decide to use.

Most often, people will go with the same material as the engagement ring is made of offers a beautiful aesthetic; it offers consistent wear characteristics as well as things like platinum.

For example, are denser and more durable than gold. So, if your engagement ring is made of gold and you have a platinum wedding band. It's likely that the wedding ring will do some damage to the engagement ring over time.

However, there's been a recent trend to try and mix and match colors. It's a little bit different unique and looks good so that you could get.

For example, a white metal of engagement and then match it with the yellow gold of a wedding band, and the contrast is quite attractive. Ring size is a fundamentally important consideration, but it isn't always as obvious as just using the same size as an existing ring like your engagement ring.

The exterior edge of a wedding band hasn't got any impact, but the interior profile can affect how the ring feels.

If you haven't had an engagement ring or some dress jewelry, then wearing a wedding band can feel quite alien. If you're in the process of sizing a ring trying on rings on a finger, which hasn't had jewelry before will feel tighter than it is. So, allow yourself enough time to make the right decisions comfortably. To summarize all of these points that we've covered are important considerations but don't forget to have fun while you're making that choice. So, enjoy the process of choosing your wedding bands at Shanti Jewel. We pride ourselves on making stunning pieces of jewelry and would be happy to help you make your decisions.