How to Build the Perfect Ring Stack? - Shanti Jewel

The ring is a king among jewelry, without a doubt. Be it any gender or age, people love rings all around the globe.

But what's better than wearing multiple rings on multiple fingers? Well, that's exactly what we are going to talk about.

Creating Ring Stack means wearing multiple rings on multiple fingers, which gives a chic and fashionable look and suits well with all attire.

So what are you waiting for? Go throughout the guide and create prettiest Ring stacks.


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Tip 1: Keep it simple

Ring stacking isn't a very easy thing to do. As simple as it looks, it goes from good to gaudy in no time. One learns over the time how to mix and match, what rings to use when and where. Of course, over time, you can move to a more blingy look.

So, we advise you to invest in simple and classic bands and eternity rings. Pair it with bigger ones and see the magic.


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Tip 2: Metal up your Rings

You can play it safe and choose the same colors metal for your Ring Stack, and there is no harm in that. Like, wear all Rose Gold or White Gold rings for a classy look.

But to make your Ring Stack look edgier and fancy, use multiple Metals. Like pair it your Golden ring (Superior colors) with two or delicate Rose gold or White Gold ones, and you are ready to rock.

But avoid adding more than two metals as it may look messy at times and take away the clean look of your stacks.


Tip 3: Leave minimum one finger bare

We understand your love for the ring and creating Stacks. With stacks, you can easily move from great to gaudy. So, we at Shanti Jewels advise you to keep at least 1-2 fingers bare so that it gives all you stack a great look rather than making it overwhelmingly blingy.

We advise not to keep your Pinky finger empty as it looks fashionable and elegant. Though you can keep any finger empty, be it Ring Finger, Pointer Finger, Pinky, or even your thumb. It depends totally upon you.


Tip 4: Add some weight and shapes

While creating your stacks, be creative. Add little weight and bling and go from heavy and Vintage Art Decor to simple petite bands. Wear different kinds of rings at a different level of your fingers. Play with mid-range ring and delicate thumb rings.


Tip 5: Statement ring to enhance look

Statement Rings are called 'Statement' for a perfect reason. They are big and wonderful and need zero assistance to stand out. The statement rings a pretty and unique and outshines any other ring. Your Grand Mother will surely lend you her favourite Vintage Ring.

Thus, we at Shanti Jewel's advice you to wear just one statement ring in your finger and nothing else. You can stack rings on other fingers without a doubt, but Statement Rings look best when worn without any stacks. So wear your statement ring alone and stack up the rest of your fingers.


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Now that you know all about Ring Stack, what are you waiting for? Go and Shine!