How To Ask Someone For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here! While it may not interest Singles around the globe, it’s a big occasion for Couples to make their bond stronger and a wonderful chance to start something beautiful for aspiring couples.

If you are crushing on a girl, there is no better day to ask her out for a date. Forget about all the anxiousness and dare a bit and turn up your excitement…

We know how difficult it can be to ask and get some Valentine's Day Ideas, so we at Shanti Jewel are here to make the ‘Will You Be My Valentine’ a bit easier with few different ways to ask the question! 

1) Valentine's Day Ideas : Ask with a Letter 

Well, in today’s digital world letter is definitely not an obvious choice, which is the reason behind its charm… For ages, Handwritten Letters have won hearts and we are sure your ‘date to be’ is no different… 

Write a small yet sincere letter asking her to be your Valentine and pair it with her favorite flower or whole bouquet. and if you can add this Heart Pendant from Shanti Jewel, we are sure you will get a big YES! 

2) Valentine's Day Ideas : A Dreamy Date 

When it is about ‘Will You Be My Valentine Day Ideas’ you cannot go wrong when you make your proposal Big and Fancy! Take your crush to a decent, maybe candlelight Restaurant! Buy them the almost mandatory Chocolates & Roses and arrange Violins? Seems like a dreamy Bollywood Date? Well, it should be! 

You can inform her in advance or make this all part of big Surprise, the choice is yours…  

3) Valentine's Day Ideas : Digital Date 

Today there is nothing that doesn’t include the Internet and Digital World… Then why not use it as the Date option?

The Pandemic is still on and if you want to make it sweet yet be safe, stay at home and arrange a Digital Date. 

Decorate your room with pictures of you both, add some fairy lights, and set a table. This is something we are not used to but is definitely a great Valentine's Day Ideas This small yet beautiful gesture can make her happy beyond words.  

And of course, you can get a Bracelet like this from Shanti Jewel delivered right to her doorstep. 

We have given you some invaluable tips and ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021 along with some gift ideas! Hope you have a Great day with Valentine!