Engagement Ring Selfie Ideas

Getting Engaged is like a big as well as an important step for any Couple and well Congratulations to you and your Partner if you are stepping into that Phase! From enjoying a period of knowing each other and learning about In-Laws, the Engagement phase is indeed special.

And when we talk about any special phase, how can we forget about Photos?

Newly Engaged couples these days love to get clicked on their Engagement Day and post photos showing off their Engagement Diamond Ring.

We all know Engagement Ring Photoshoot Ideas and trends on Social Media. In the generation of Instagram and, Pinterest we are sure you too would have come across Engagement Couple Ring Hand Picture and Engagement Ring Poses. 

We at Shanti Jewel understand how much Engagement matters and are here with Engagement Ring Photoshoot Ideas and Engagement Couple Ring Hand Picture so that you can cherish your special photos for the rest of the life. 

1) Couple & Engagement Ring Poses :

You may have some Engagement Ring Photoshoot Ideas and that’s great. But before starting your Photoshoot, know how you want your selfie or photos to be. Are you and your partner both posing? Or its Engagement Couple Ring Hand Picture? Does your Engagement Ring Photoshoot Ideas include comfy and natural poses or you want to go all Gaga with your elaborated poses? And if you have any special Engagement Ring Poses, just go for it!!


2) Perfect lighting for Engagement Ring Poses : 

For a good photograph, Engagement Ring Poses needs to be perfect and equally important is great lighting. Good Lighting is like Cherry on Top to your Engagement Ring Photoshoot Ideas. Hire a Professional Photographer who knows great angles and can capture your Diamond Engagement Ring as beautifully as it is!


3) Great Location for great Engagement Ring Poses : 

We cannot emphasize enough when it comes to choosing a good location. Location can be a Deal Breaker or Maker and it is up to you.

Choose a location that is picturesque. It can be your favorite Lake or a cozy corner at your house or just outside Disneyland, choose the location with suits your Vibe. A great location with adequate Light is all you need to bring your dreamy Engagement Ring Poses to life.

Think about a Beautiful Sunset on Beach, your Partner jumping with Joy and you Posing with your Engagement Ring, loving it right?


4) Picture Perfect Nails For Engagement Ring Hand Pictures : 

Well, if you are planning about Engagement and have Engagement Ring Photoshoot Ideas, then you will probably post it on your Instagram. Whether you are posing with your Fiancé or will post Engagement Couple Ring Hand Picture, everything needs to be perfect. Having Close-up pictures means to have Clean and well-Manicured hands. Shape your Nails, match your Nail Paint with your Attire, and Moisturise your hands. Take these tips and your Engagement Couple Ring Hand Picture will blow everyone’s mind.


5) Filters or No Filter For Engagement Ring Selfies : 

We at Shanti Jewel know everyone is different while choosing Jewelry and so is true for pictures. Some love colorful stones while some choose timeless Diamond. In the same way, some love Filtering their photos, changing lights and blurring the background while some are fans keep it Real and Natural.

You can choose whatever you love, just keep it natural and clean. And remember, less is always more.

 6) Get Your Engagement Diamond Ring Polish : 

If you got engaged last month and suddenly gets Engagement Ring Photoshoot Ideas, wait no more. Just get your Diamond Engagement Ring polish and it will retain its original bling and sparkle in no time. Do it yourself at home or take your ring to professionals.


7) Right Time to Post Your Engagement Ring Photoshoot Pictures : 

We know you are ready with Engagement Ring Poses and have pretty Engagement Couple Ring Hand Picture but the right time to post is quite important. You should inform your near and dear ones before posting. You don’t want you Bff to come to know about your Engagement through your Instagram, right?

So, when all your loved ones know about your big thing, post it on your Social Media for your Distant friends and co-workers.


Now you know ideas about how to pose for your Engagement Ring Photoshoot and selfies! Go show off your Diamond Engagement Ring and share your happiness with World!