Difference Between Promise Ring And Engagement Ring

Every stage of life brings something new to us and romantic relationships are no different. Whether you are ready for a long-term commitment or feels great about getting Married in near future, there is no better way to express it with than Rings for which Diamond Promise Ring and Engagement Diamond Rings are widely used! 

People always get confused when it comes to knowing the difference between the Promise Ring and an Engagement Ring and what it represents. But when it comes to making a perfect move in front of your Partner, we at Shanti Jewel wants you to be all prepared and ready to impress her/him.

We at Shanti Jewel are here to tell you the Difference between Diamond Promise Ring and Engagement Diamond Ring. So, let’s get started. 

Diamond Promise Ring :

Promise Rings have been around for centuries. Loved by younger couples, Diamond Promise Rings have made their way from history and are equally popular even today. 

In the same Era, Posy Ring was popularized as well. It has specific Dates, Poems, or Words engraved in it. Posy Rings looks a bit different from Diamond Promise Ring but has almost the same purpose.

Diamond Promise Ring is usually a sign of Commitment. Diamond Promise Ring shows that you definitely see a future with your partner, and will move towards Engagement down the road at right time. Although it symbolizes different things to different people and has special meaning for each wearer, like years of friendship, it usually is a simple Promise of Love and Commitment. 

Diamond Promise Rings aren’t as Big and Flashy, but rather minimal and simple. There is no typical Center Diamond as commonly found in Engagement Diamond Ring. People even love to add colors to it by adding various Gemstones like Ruby which represents love, or even Birthstone.  

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Diamond Promise Rings can be worn on any finger of choice. There is no compulsion at all and choice depends completely upon the wearer. Some choose Ring Finger of the Right hand while many choose Pinky finger as well. 

When Diamond Promise Ring Given?

People due to various reasons cannot get immediately married, maybe they are still finding one perfect job or are still on the road of Self-growth. Promise Ring at such time gives a Commitment for the future. It is like a Pre-Engagement Band ensuring life together.  

How Diamond Promise Ring Given?

There is no protocol of how one should give Diamond Promise Ring, all that matters is lots of love and a sincere intension. Many people gift Diamond Promise Ring on special occasions to make it more memorable. Couples also decide to buy them together as matching bands at times. It symbolizes a more committed Stage in a particular relationship. 

Engagement Diamond Ring 

There is nothing more romanticize in the world than a Wedding Proposal. It is all about dreamy set ups, huge fireworks, and lots of happy tears. Engagement Diamond Ring is the first step towards it. 

Promise Ring may symbolize a variety of things, but when it comes to Engagement Ring, the Message is clear: A Commitment of Wedding. Traditionally, when Man gives Engagement Diamond Ring, it means he is asking his Partner for her hand for Wedding.  

Now with change in times, there are no fixed Gender roles. Even the Woman gets down on knee and can ask her partner’s hand for Marriage. 

Engagement Diamond Rings are Big and Beautiful. Engagement Diamond Ring has a detailed structure and usually has a Diamond as a Center Stone. The size of the Diamond varies as per the budget and choice of Couple.   

Engagement Diamond Ring is usually adorned with Diamonds or at times even with other colorful gemstones, giving it a stunning look. Many people also use a Stackable ring to give Engagement Diamond Ring a more prominent look. 

Engagement Diamond Ring is worn on the Ring Finger of the Left hand from years and people still love to do so. 

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When Engagement Diamond Ring Given?

Engagement Diamond Ring is given when you have a Wedding in mind in near future. Timeline may vary, but giving Engagement Diamond Ring means you are proposing for a Wedding. When you know you and your partner are ready for a big commitment, giving Engagement is the correct step. 

When someone accepts Engagement Ring, it means they are ready for Marriage and keen on spending the rest of the life together. 

How Engagement Diamond Ring Given? 

Usually asking for a Wedding by giving Engagement Diamond Ring is when Man gets down on one knee and Proposes his Ladylove or vice versa. It could be a big surprise event celebrated with friends and family or a small intimate celebration for just a couple as per their choice.  

The conclusion is, yes Promise Ring and Engagement are different. Diamond Promise Ring is minimal while Engagement Diamond Ring is more decorated. Diamond Promise Ring and Engagement Diamond Ring both have different meanings and are given at different stages in a relationship. 

Whatever difference there may be, one common thing which both Rings are symbol of is Commitment

Now that you know the difference between Promise Ring and Engagement Ring, make your decision wisely.