Diamond Cuts Guide & Its Pros & Cons

Buying a Real Diamond Ring is not an easy task and we know that especially when you thinking about “Diamonds”. 

Diamond Cut Types

Whether it an Engagement Ring you want to purchase for your partner or one gifting a Diamond Ring yourself for all your success or as a gifting to your loved one! It involves lots of crucial decisions, like which shape will stand out or which one will suit me the best. Or which will bring out the best of Bling.

We at Shanti Jewel as a Fine Jewelry Manufacturer, know all these questions can be baffling.  And we are here by your side to explain to you Different Diamond Cuts and its pros and cons, so you can buy the Best! 

Let’s know one by one Real Diamond Cuts & Its Pros & Cons:

1) The Round Cut - Pros & Cons :

The Round Cut is also known as ‘Round Brilliant’ and is most popular cut all around the globe especially when it comes to Wedding and Engagement Ring. It captures light in such way, that it shines and sparkles like no other. 

  Why we recommend:

  • Having 58 facets, Round Cut has Shine is which is Brilliant and Sparkle which is unmatchable.
  • It Suits most finger types, long or short and thick or thin and matches well with all Indian and Western attire.
  • Be it Solitaire or Ring with shacks and detailing, Round Cut looks great. 

  Why we don’t: 

  • Round Cut is quite expensive. You might want to avoid it if you are on a tight budget.

         Here is a Round Cut Ring from Best Lab Created Diamond Jewelry Online Store to steal your Heart.

Round Cut Diamond Ring Design by Shanti Jewel

 2) The Princess Cut - Pros & Cons :

Princess-Cut has a stylish appearance and has the most brilliant among all fancy cuts. It is the second most popular shape after round cut. 

  Why we recommend:

  • It is very brilliant and not as expensive as other cuts.
  • It works great when it comes to hiding inclusions and tints, which means you can save money here
  • It gives subtle and minimal look with hints of style. 

  Why we don’t:

  • Princess cut has four corners which are extremely vulnerable and needs as much cover and protection as possible. If not there may be chances of corners breaking or getting chipped.

       How about this well-protected Princess cut ring?

Princess Cut Real Diamond Ring Design by Shanti Jewel

3) The Cushion Cut - Pros & Cons :

Cushion-Cut is 3rd most popular shape when it comes to Engagement rings. It has a vintage touch with touch of contemporary style. 

  Why we recommend:

  • Cushion cut is a combination of two beautiful and popular cuts, Round and Princess which makes it look mesmerizing.
  • Due to its facets, it reflects much light, giving it a good amount of sparkle.
  • It has no sharp edges like Princess Cut, so it is not prone to get damaged. 

  Why we don’t:

  • Due to large facets of Cushion Cut, inclusions and tints are easily visible, which means you may have to  buy diamond of higher grade and better quality. 

4) The Oval Cut - Pros & Cons :

Oval Cut was created somewhere in the late 1950s. There no such thing as perfect Oval and thus allows customization in size and shape. It is definitely unique and nowhere near being just ordinary. 

  Why we recommend:

  • Oval Diamond Cut is like a blend between Round and Marquise cut, making it eye-catching.
  • It makes appear fingers look elongated and thus it is perfect for Short fingers.
  • Due to a high number of facets it is much sparkly.
  • It has no sharp and vulnerable edges, make it perfect for daily wear.

  Why we don’t:

  • Oval Diamond Cut shows more or less amount of Bow-tie effect, which spoils the look of the diamond at times.
  • It tends to show inclusion and tints, which means you have to opt for higher quality diamonds.  

5) The Marquise Cut - Pros & Cons :

Marquise Cut is also known as Navette (which means little ship/boat), Football shaped and Boat shaped cut. Being one of the oldest kind of cut, it has vintage touch in its look and surely is an eye-catcher. 

Like this one:

Marquise Cut Real Diamond Ring Design by Shanti Jewel Online Store

 Why we recommend:

  • Despite of being shallow in cut, it has noticeable brilliance and sparkles brightly on your finger.
  • It is ideal for short finger type, as it gives it elongated and thinning appearance.
  • It hides inclusions and tints well, thus it's easy on your pocket.

  Why we don’t:

  • Due to sharp edges on either side, which makes it delicate.

6) The Asscher Cut - Pros & Cons :

Asscher Cut Diamond is a unique cut with square shape and layered facets. It is quite popular as Engagement Ring worldwide and offers amazing sparkle. 

  Why we recommend:

  • With its brilliance and unique appearance, it is a solid head turner.
  • It suits most finger types and is well suited for both, someone who wants minimal or want to make a statement with their diamond.
  • It has no sharp edges, making it less prone to breakages and damage. 

  Why we don’t:

  • It isn’t great at hiding blemishes and inclusion, and thus if you want to have Asscher Cut Diamond, you have to purchase one with high quality like Asscher Art Deco from Shanti Jewels.
Asscher Cut Real Diamond Ring Design by Shanti Jewel Online Jewelry Store


7) The Pear Cut - Pros & Cons :

 Pear cut diamond, is also known as Tear-drop cut diamond and you will surely have tears of happiness, once you see how beautiful it is !!

A blend of Oval Cut and Marquise cut gives it a royal look.   

  Why we recommend:

  • Pear Cut Diamond is versatile and works great in both vintage and modern setting.
  • It is not the first shape that pops up in your head when it comes to an engagement ring, thus making it a unique choice for sure.
  • It works wonders on Shorter finger type, making them look longer. 

  Why we don’t:

  • Precise and clear cut is quite important to bring out brilliance when it comes to Pear Cut Diamond, anything less would spoil its look.
  • It has a delicate edge; you need to protect and take care of it.
  • It may show blemishes and inclusions, thus buying high-quality one is necessary.

But a well-protected one with a high-quality diamond isn’t something you should miss.

Pear Cut Real Diamond Ring Design by Shanti Jewel Online Jewelry Store


8) The Emerald Cut - Pros & Cons : 

 Emerald Cut Diamond is named after pretty Emerald gems which are mostly cut in a similar manner and the cut is also known as Step-cut. This rectangular Cut comes in a variety of lengths and width. 

  Why we recommend:

  • Emerald Cut Diamond due to its arrangement, appears bigger than actual size.
  • It has a durable shape and has no vulnerable edges.
  • It is quite affordable.

Just like this Emerald Solitaire Brilliant and affordable

Emerald Cut Real Diamond Ring Shanti Jewel Online Jewelry Store

  Why we don’t:

  • If you love brilliant, flashy and sparkly diamond, Emerald Cut Diamond isn’t for you.
  • It requires precise and expertise when cut.
  • It doesn’t hide any inclusion and blemishes, and thus need flawless and high-quality diamond.

9) The Heart Cut - Pros & Cons :

Heart Cut Diamond is fairly a recent innovation in terms of shapes. It exhibits ‘Heart’ which symbolizes of passion and love, making it a popular choice for Engagement rings. With its unique shape, it is sure to be the most romantic gift for your partner.

  Why we recommend it:

  • Heart Cut Diamond looks beautiful in Solitaire setting and equally pretty in more elaborated and intricate patterns.
  • The symbol is meaningful and looks chic and modern, which is what today’s couples are looking for.

  Why we don’t:

  • As it is unique in shape, its cutting requires special skills and expertise knowledge. 

Thus here is a special Heart Solitaire Ring with studded diamonds to you happy.


10) The Trilion Cut - Pros & Cons :

        Triangle or Trillion Cut Diamond is a pretty and popular choice these days. 

  Why we recommend:

  • Triangle Cut Diamond appears to be larger than its actual size, thus showing more than its actual carat.
  • It has a quite and unique design that suits well with both Solitaire and other detailed patterns in rings.
  • It offers a good amount of brilliance when it isn’t cut too low/shallow. 

  Why we don’t:

  • Due to pointed edges, there are chances of edges getting chipped and breaking, thus good care and support are required.
  • Frequent cleaning is required in Triangle Cut Diamond as it is shallow in cut and even a bit of dirt can dull its sparkle. 

Each shape has its own charm and beauty and what to choose depends completely upon you while we at Shanti Jewel will ensure that your Diamond is exclusive and beautiful, and of high quality, so you can buy all you want without any doubt in your heart.

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