Buy Rings Online - A Guide for Beginners

If you want to choose and planned to buy a ring online, then you need to start with this guide. We do not contain only excellent promotional offers. It also includes some steps on how to buy diamond engagement rings online.

  • Buy a ring from America

Buy rings from American based online diamond merchants. The reason you want to buy rings from America is a taxing one! American retailers can supply you diamonds online without all the hassle and risk of dealing with customs duties and international taxes. Buying online diamond rings is also likely to be lower from American retailers because all costs are included for delivery.

  • Buy a ring and be smart

When you are looking to buy diamond engagement rings get yourself educated on the 4C's. This is simple enough. Good American online retailers, like the ones advertising on this page, offer extensive online education on how to buy a diamond online. They will give you advice on what is the best diamond engagement ring to purchase fur your budget and rates.

  • Buy a ring online with certification

Over the last 20 years, many consumers have had a major problem asking the question of where to buy quality diamond rings. The reason for the problem is what diamond you are buying. Diamonds for rings come in a remarkable variety of different qualities, and small differences can make a big difference in the value and appeal of a diamond ring, to solve this problem independent laboratories have been established which assess the quality of the diamond ring across many variables. By far the most recognized and reputable Avas “the Gemological Institute of America” or the GIA. 

Buy Engagement Ring Online


This is the smart buy strategy that you do not want to miss before buying an engagement ring online. This strategy will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. 

1) Set a budget for the diamond in an objective to buy the best quality diamond for that price. 

2) Look at all the online sites that the search string you used for buying a diamond online.

3) Find one diamond you like and write down the 4C's of that diamond.

  • CUT

4) Then use those same 4C's to look for equivalent the Diamonds of different online diamond sites.

  • Measure the price.
  • Compare the price difference. Those price differences are your gain.

5) Compare your list and for your budget, try and buy a diamond of the same or better quality with a higher carat or weight, a bigger diamond with a bigger Sparkle for the same price.

6) You know what you are buying if you buy a GIA certified diamond stone. When your diamond is delivered, make sure it is the one you ordered with the right certificate GIA. Certified stones are laser inscribed and can be cross-checked.

7) Use PayPal or a credit card. They provide some additional assurance.

8) Only buy a diamond online. That has a returns policy 8-10 days return is perfect.

9) Only buy a diamond online that offers shipping and insurance.

10) Find an online diamond site that can also sell you a ring setting. The diamond is the store of value, but it must be held safely and securely in a quality ring. The ring setting should not be hollow.

Buying a diamond stone from someone that also supplies quality ring settings simplifies the delivery of quality engagement rings or wedding rings. Those sites have clear and straightforward instructions on how to measure your finger for the ring setting at adjustments are always possible.

You are choosing an engagement ring that will make her happy!


Choosing engagement rings can be impossibly difficult, but this advice is essential if you want to know how to buy an engagement ring that will make her happy. Follow these simple rules, and not only will she say yes, but she will also have an engagement ring that she will love forever. Just like you!

How do I buy an engagement ring that doesn't look like everyone else's? 

The first suggestion we would make is not to buy an engagement ring from one of the major retailers. I would not want to buy the same engagement ring that the person down the road bought. The big diamond retailers mass market. You can buy an engagement ring that is higher quality and has that unique edge by going to a smaller online retailer like Shanti Jewel. Choose an engagement ring that is special from a specialized in a smaller retail store.

How do I buy an engagement ring that will fit?

The first and most important answer to the question of how do I buy an engagement ring that will fit is not to worry if you buy an engagement ring from an online store that has free ring resizing and returns, then you do not need to worry.

How do you buy diamond rings and where and how do you buy them?

There are necessarily two ways in one way we'll save you hundreds are thousands of dollars. The other way will cost you more in time and dollars, and you will get less of a diamond.

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What will you choose?

  • The traditional way, which is to visit a jewelry store that specializes in selling diamond jewelry?
  • You can join the 1 million Americans who last year choose to search and buy diamond rings diamond engagement rings, as well as other forms of diamond jewelry online.

What is popular?

The most popular diamond shape, especially for diamond engagement rings, is the round. Round diamond rings constitute over fifty percent of all the rings that are sold into the market. These are known in the trade is a brilliant cut.

Round cut diamond engagement rings sparkle like no other. Many round loose diamonds are "certified" by the gamma logical Institute of America. This independent body grades diamonds and issues a certificate which becomes your guarantee that diamond you are buying is real.

Solitaire Diamond Ring- Buy Big, Buy Better, Buy Online


Like many diamond ring buyers. You are thinking about buying a solitaire diamond ring because as they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend. Your girl maybe is waiting for you to go to the store and come back with a surprise, a solitaire diamond ring, or even better a solitaire diamond engagement ring. 

Why round diamonds the shapes of choice for so many buyers of solitaire rings?

Given there are many different shapes "rounds" as they are called by the trade are the most traditional and in the world of diamonds, tradition means a lot. Round diamonds represent at least 50 % of the volume used in jewelry, especially in solitaire diamond engagement rings. Some of the more technical features of brilliant rounds are the way they reflect light and more particularly the way they sparkle. The sparkle and the luster are most often determined by the way the facets are cut and polished. So had they allow light to enter and exit — the stone in a way that enhances the diamond sparkle.

Round cut diamonds for solitaire rings are priced primarily according to the size our number or fractions of a CARAT. Prices vary greatly stones can be $50 or $50,000 per CARAT. By way of an example, a 1 Carat - D Grade flawless gem that would be spectacular can cost you as much as $50,000. The same diamond for a solitaire ring set into a traditional setting supplied by a specialist online store can be half that price.

Why buy that solitaire ring in a store when you can buy online?

You will still receive it where you live but buy it at greatly discounted rates. What is even better is that you can spend the savings you can make on buying a better diameter perhaps one that is slightly bigger.

The minimum size you should consider for a solitaire diamond ring is 4 of a carat, but if you really want to get the full benefit of a solitaire diamond ring you should look at investing in a diamond that is at least double that at 8 carats or above. Also make sure that the cut of the loose diamond for your solitaire ring setting is at least very good, excellent is even better. That way the light will be able to sparkle off your solitaire ring.