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Solitaire rings, two stone rings and double band rings are in the trend and they look pretty much good and suit good on new modern bride. But as contemporary as current designs, a three-stone engagement ring (also known as a trinity or trilogy ring) can be the vise. If you're attracted to a modern-day version of the classic ring design, geometric gems such as emerald, hexagon, circle, shield, trillion, and Ascher - cut diamonds look elegant and angular. Bur for alternative choice and want to try something unique then three stone rings is good idea. You can set this ring in any gold and want to try different gems then three stone rings are the best for all your choice. Another unusual choice is to depart from three white diamonds to add color to your ring model with green, salt and pepper, and natural diamonds and gems such as emeralds, opals and pearls. 

For more conventional preferences, the round, the circle, the princess the oval, the marquise and the pear stones are nice in choice, whether you choose the same stone and mix and match with various cuts. A three-stone ring with the center stone and side baguettes would cost a bit less than three large stones for a more budget-conscious ring design. But your budget is not high or you want to save some money you can choose gemstone as the other option. One unusual choice is to depart from 3 white diamonds to add color to your ring style with yellow salt and pepper, and natural diamonds and gemstones such as emeralds, opals, and pearls. Vintage rings are another way to stand out and save a little cash — many Edwardian, Gothic, and Art Deco designs featured smaller diamonds that come in well under $3,000. 

Go ahead, browse the edit to see 6 of our favorite three-stone rings 

  1. 3 Stone Diamond White Gold Ring 

Many couples choose a three-stone ring as beautiful and symbolic ring for their commitment. The 3 stones present the couple’s future past and present. Round diamond in this type of ring are most suitable and they look pretty good in the 3 stone ring 

2. Big Diamond in Center.

3. Beautiful than Rose in Rose Gold 

4. 3 Stone Round Diamond Yellow and White Gold Engagement Ring 

A 3 stone ring can be produced in a simple yet elegant fashion. This yellow gold ring uses tiny circular gems, but it's still beautiful. While many types have a bigger central stone, this form of ring can be made with stone of a similar size. 

5. Solitaire Trilogy Ring  


A popular design for a 3 stone diamond ring is to encircle each of the focal stones with pave settings. This type of ring setting emphasizes the age of the couple’s relationship and the connection they have to one another.

6. 3 Stone 3 Solitaire   

Three stone rings look amazing in any gold like this ring is looking amazing and you can set this ring in white gold, yellow gold, silver gold and even in sterling silver.