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Let’s face it, gold or platinum and diamonds or gems everything is expensive. And whenever we buy some jewelry, we want the best one which also our budget.

Considering ring here, whether it is an Engagement ring or the Wedding one, or a small gift to oneself, we tend to get as much information as possible. Be it about stone and gems to be used or carats or whether the metal of ring will be yellow gold or rose gold or pretty platinum. And if it will be one with intricate design or a simple band.

To help you with that, we here present to you with information regarding various Cuts you can get in your next Solitaire.

Round Cut:


The round cut is classic, giving a simple yet stunning vibe. It is the most popular Engagement ring to date and is here to stay.

Due to its shape, it captures much light; making is look sparkly and shiny among all other cuts.

It has a simple design and thus suits with both traditional as well as modern look.



The Emerald cut is named after Emerald gems, which are mostly cut similarly. This rectangular beauty comes in various size- length and width. It shimmers less than round cut one, but yet it gives a stunning look. The little long emerald ring will surely make a unique and vintage mark in your jewelry box.

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Princess cut is the second most popular type of diamond cut after Round cut and has been extremely popular in the case of Engagement and Wedding Rings.

When view from above, we can see it's square or rectangle shape in full glory. And it mostly has pointed corners. It has a more modern look and subtle elegance and is quite sparkly.



Oval cut as the name suggests is Oval, and at the same time, it can or cannot be a perfect oval as it gives a chance to customize a bit with its size and width. Due to its shape, it creates an illusion and makes fingers appear longer.

The oval cut is like a blend between Round cut and Marquise cut. It's almost as shiny as the brightest Round cut one and comes at a lower price.

It is perfect for daily wear as there is no pointed design and rather rounded simple one.



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Baguette-cut looks and has many similarities to Emerald cut, and yet they are different.

Baguette-cut has a square corner and is a little slimmer. Its elongated shape makes it look more delicate and adds a vintage touch to the finger. It is said for Baguette-cut that ‘Bigger the better’ and we totally agree.



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Marquise is one of the most mesmerizing cuts.

Marquise cut stones are also called eye-shaped diamonds and football-shaped diamonds and, or the “navette,” which in French means “Little ship and well all of these holds true.

This cut is not as popular yet despite its beauty, and if you choose this for your ring, you are surely adding a unique piece in your jewelry box.

Pearl Cut:

pear shaped diamond ring settings

Pearl cut diamond, is also known as Tear-drop cut diamond as its shape suggests. A pear cut diamond can be said as a combination of Oval cut and Marquise-Cut.

Rounded and Oval on one end and pointed on others is sure to give your ring a rich look.

It shines bright and makes a diamond appear bigger than it is. So, choosing this pretty style is a total win-win. 

Above are some beautiful diamond cuts that can choose for your ring next time.

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