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A great range of Diamond Gemstone Ring Collections for Men & Women in different styles from Simple to Modern, for Casual to Engagement / Wedding Occasion in types of Cocktail, Vintage Art Deco, 3 Stone etc.    

Gems Formation: Beauty in making

Our planet, Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, is comprised of several layers: The Earth's Crust, ranging from 3 to 25 miles deep, the Mantle and the inner most part of Earth i.e. Core. Gemstones are form as minerals under different conditions and over the period of centuries in the rocks of the Earth’s crust, while rarely any are form in the mantle. All gemstones are mined in the crust. After they are mined, they go final cleaning. This may involve grinding off the rock, in which the gemstone was buried, and then cutting or faceting and polishing the gemstones. In the very end, gemstone that has been cut and polished is called a Jewel or Gem! You can now guess how a colored rock has evolved from pressure and heat to a wonderful gem.

Gems in the game:

Gemstones are minerals, organic matters or rocks that have been chosen and has gain popularity for their beauty, durability, and rarity. Once taken out in its raw form it is cut or faceted and polished to make ornaments or other human adornments. Gemstones’ aesthetic has charm of its own which cannot be denied. Blended with colors it is sight to cherish and pride for the owner. It is bold in its own way and had unparallel love among people who aren’t afraid to make fashion statement.

Even though most gemstones are hard ones, some are too soft and some too fragile, so instead of making jewels out of it they are exhibited in museums and purchased and cherished by the collectors.

Gemstone and the belief:

It is believed that Gemstones have unique powers. Some may give you health and some wealth. Its history is decades old and has great importance in ancient Indian texts and have concepts in astrology. It has touched all possible cultures in world and has made a special place for itself.

Many people around the globe consider that there is a special gemstone for each month. People born in a particular month may get benefited from wearing a particular Gemstone. Like Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and is considered good for people born in February.

Only God knows the truth meanwhile we can enjoy the colored Gemstones!

Colored Gemstone Rings are as colorful as Spectrum:

Rainbow is one of the most beautiful sight men has witnessed. After a stormy day seeing a rainbow makes everyone happy and so is the case with Gemstone. From intense pressure and years of formation result is full of beautiful colors. Gemstone comes in a variety of colors from a deep blue Kyanite to the finest Spessartite in Orange.

The Gemstone Ring can be made with all colors imagined. From radiant red to brilliant blue, gorgeous green to pastel pink, and not to forget the sunny yellow and pure purple. Take any color and your Diamond Gemstone Ring will be magically be transformed into a unique and classic jewelry for any occasion.