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The cufflink is a male accessory that is both functional and ornamental. They are the ornamental fasteners that link the two ends of the cuffs of the long-sleeved shirt to secure them. Innovated for the modern-day men they are traditionally worn with the formal or semi-formal evening wear shirts.

Two basic styles of cufflinks dominate the fashion industry. One is where both the ends of cufflink have motifs, and the other has a motif on one end and a functional tool like a bar on the other end. The cufflinks are passing through the buttonholes on the cuff of the shirt.  

Diamond cufflinks are always in vogue, but the size of the diamonds for cufflinks is small. Exotic motifs that represent masculinity form the design of cufflinks. The most unique and designer styles include colored enameling, gemstones, and a mix match of various colors of stones.

No men’s wardrobe would be complete without a few pieces of cufflinks.


Brooch is an embellished ornament used to hold or fasten the garment. Having a functional value as well as an ornamental value they can be simple or uniquely glamorous. During the medieval period, brooches were made using precious stones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, topaz, and pearls that excluded opulence and affluence.

It was considered an ornament for both men and women in the medieval era, but today they hold value as a female ornament.

For cocktails evenings, dinners, and festive occasions, one can choose the more opulent styles of brooches. For work wear or everyday wear, one can choose from the more practical and simple collections curate with small diamonds and gold.