About Shanti Jewel - A Natural Diamond Jewelry Online Store

At Shanti Jewel, we started professional trading and selling with the international market. We attracted a refined clientele from all over the globe in the year 2010, wherein we made our exceptional growth in the United States.

Step into a world of delight and magic, where the collection has been passionately crafted from the inspiring story. The collection is heartfelt to the tenacity and beautiful spirit of the team. This collection is feminine but also classic.

Within a short span of time, we have worked hard and produced some really breath-taking Natural Diamond Jewelry Collections for all seasons.

Established in the year 2009 with a passion for jewelry and a commitment to offering timeless treasures to our clients, we constantly strive to stay ahead of time with the latest technologies and eternal trends.

No matter how many fresh challenges come in our way, we look forward to serving the interests of millennials while our quality and eye for detail with the hearts. Our continuous innovations and discovery of contemporary designs make us the preference of youngsters.

In the search for perfection, we sow the seed of a manufacturing unit. Our close connection and teamwork enable better collaboration and allow us to provide the best quality product with the shortest lead times.

Our robustness lies in our ability to deliver end-to-end luxury. We create jewels that are trendsetting and in terms of silhouette.

Shanti Jewels, creating stunning jewels from the first stroke of a pen to the final polish of enamel.

We believe in creating diamond jewelry that inspires beauty, confidence, the power of continuously moving forward and embracing change along with the beauty of evolution.

An audacity that has led to pave the way for a vision of noble grandeur. No detail is left unfinished: most pieces even feature delicate engravings on the backs, reinforcing the intentions of the design with beautifully rendered jewelry designs.

Innovative and exquisite designs are created by our jewelry designers, which are then transformed into pieces of bewitching beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.

It's important to us at Shanti Jewel to make sure every piece we create has the maximum amount of sparkle and fire to re-energize your soul.

Every piece of sparkling delight that you see also shines bright on international standards. So, no matter what you're looking for, whether it's creativity, quality, or value for money, there's only one name you need to know - Shanti Jewel.

Shanti Jewel has been serving Natural Diamond Jewelry to customers since 2001. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of customer choice and preference design along with great satisfaction in the gem and jewelry market around the globe.

A firm Shanti Jewel frame and developed by Dinesh Sutariya. After seeing plenty of opportunities, he started Diamond Jewel Manufacturing Unit in the year 2001. With the help of a continuously growing market and chilling response from the jewelry worldwide, Shanti Jewel launched a new branch in Thailand for serving international demand with purity.


We at Shanti Jewel works with the vision of offering tastefully designed jewelry at revolutionary pieces. To become the next-generation luxury jeweler with a focus on performance. Diversity has always been at the core of our values. We focus on what matters: durable materials built for everyday wear and tear, transparent pricing as friendly. sustainable to offset our carbon footprint and tangible giving for a sparkling conscience.


By combining innovative technology, timeless design, and radical transparency, the link between jewelry and savings. We continue moving forward in its ethical, social, and environmental performance is a fundamental component of the excellence of the products delivered to clients.

"Shanti Jewel Loves the Process of Connecting by Heart, Designing and Knotting each Gemstone Infusing Them With Positive Intentions and Affirmations."

Our Infrastructure:

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is loaded with all essential tools and equipment that assist in the production of flawless diamonds. There is also a Diamond Quality Control Lab as well as a Research & Development Lab, both of which are equipped with equipment that allows them to check each and every parameter of the diamond.

Our Quality Assurance:

Being a quality-centric enterprise, various stringent quality checks are carried under the supervision of our quality control executives. Moreover, the quality tests also assist in ensuring zero crack, accurate shape, weight, etc.

Our Motive:

Our prime motive is to become the leading enterprise in Gem and Jewelry world. We want to remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a warm and personal experience for every individual who visits us through a web portal in a fast-paced world.

Our Vision:

In the future, we want to expand and conquer new territories, delight a large number of jewelry buyers, increase our real jewelry inventory, and offer a wider range of options to our clients and potential clients. Not only do we want to increase the range and reach of our collection, but also make diamonds more affordable to buy in the near future. Our vision is to strike the right balance between quality and price to offer the best package for our clients.

Our Customers:

To deliver fully on our commitments by providing superior value through innovation, creativity, and personal attention, thus meeting or exceeding every customer's expectations.

Our Suppliers:

To treat our suppliers fairly and forthrightly, to fully live up to our agreements, and to develop solid and stable long-term relationships.


To be committed to excellence by living each of these values every day.  To provide each customer with an exceptional value and unsurpassed quality, the jewelry experts at Shanti Jewel are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience. Come and see what all of the talks are about—we can't wait to see you at Shanti Jewel.