About Shanti Jewel - A Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Online Store

Shanti Jewel has been serving Lab Created Diamond Jewelry to customers since 2001. Our tradition business model is based on the accomplishment of customer’s choice and preference design along with great satisfaction in the gem and Jewelry market around the globe.

A firm Shanti Jewel frame and developed by Dinesh Sutariya. After study, Dinesh Sutariya engaged in real estate business which is run by his family, but his attitude for doing different and willingness toward self creation, drag him to diamond business. His eagerness not only hold him to diamond business but his creativeness and god gift of craftsmanship draw attention to Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry and such attitude shaped a SHANTI JEWEL. After seen plenty of opportunity, he starting Diamond Jewelry Manufacturing Unit in the year of 2001. With the help of continuous growing market and chilling response from Jewelry globe, Shanti Jewel launch new branch at Thailand for serving international demand with purity.

Shanti Jewel Loved the Process of Connecting by Heart, Designing and Knotting each Gemstone

and Infusing them with Positive Intentions and Affirmations.”

Our Skilled Jewelry Designers bring out innovative & exquisite designs which are converted into pieces of bewitching beauty and excellent craftsmanship. We make sure that every piece crafted at Shanti Jewel gives maximum fire, brilliance, dispersion & scintillating effect that will re-energize your soul. Within a short span of time, we have worked hard and produced some really breath-taking Lab Diamond Jewelry Collections for all seasons.

Every piece of sparkling delight that you see also shines bright on the international arena. Our creations conform to the most stringent of international standards. So, whatever is your demand, creativity, quality or value for money, there is one name that caters to all your needs -The Shanti Jewel.

Our Infrastructure: Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is loaded with all essential tools and equipments that assist in the production of flawless diamonds. Moreover, the Quality Control Lab and R & D Lab are also equipped with equipments that help in checking each and every parameter of the diamonds.

Our Quality Assurance: Being a quality centric enterprise, various stringent quality checks are carried under the supervision of our quality control executives. Moreover, the quality tests also assist in ensuring zero crack, accurate shape, weight etc.

Our Motive: Our prime motive is to become the leading enterprise in Gem and Jewelry world. In an often fast-paced world, We wants itself on remaining steadfast in our commitment to creating a warm and personal experience for every individual who visit us through our web portal.

Our Vision: In the coming times, we want to expand and conquer the new territories, delight numerous jewelry buyers, increase our real jewelry inventory, and offer our clientele more expansive choices. Not only do we want to increase the range and reach of our collection, but also make diamonds more affordable to buy in the near future. Our vision is to strike the right balance between quality and price to offer the best package for our clients.

Our Customers: To deliver fully on our commitments by providing superior value through innovation, creativity, and personal attention, thus meeting or exceeding every customer's expectations.

Our Suppliers: To treat our suppliers fairly and forthrightly, to fully live up to our agreements, and to develop solid and stable long-term relationships.

Finally: To be committed to excellence by living each of these values every day. Our family of jewelry experts is committed to sharing their knowledge, expertise and guidance in offering each customer an exceptional value with unsurpassed quality. Come and see what all of the talk is about—we can't wait to see you at Shanti jewel.